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Looks like I'll have to cancel the romantic drive I planned with your mom.

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20 points

As a Australian ?? Always fun In Austria

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Women's bathroom sign in Vietnam

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80 points

Reserved parking for Grandpa Rick

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94 points

Pet missing?

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18 points

Paid for by the satanic temple

Preview ed2cd859 bff9 4a3a a7bc 0c775aba3cdd


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Step 1: bring wife and a friend. Step 2: say you and your friend are a couple. Step 3: ... step 4: profit

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21 points

Didn’t stop in “tine” I guess.

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18 points

Its nice to learn new information every day

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21 points

John doesn’t do any work

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21 points

Bless you!

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1 points

Not the hero we need nor the one we want

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21 points

Traffic lights in Iceland spreading the love

Preview 5465208e 6dd5 4e94 b7bd d9a8d6b80bbb
22 points

Yeah right...

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16 points

A message for Dog owners.

Preview bb05e5d9 3155 46da 8cf3 ee00ae54377c
16 points

Saturday Night Special

Preview 195443db d904 4d45 acdd 3fb7b6ba7323
21 points

Free OJ!

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20 points

Hey, dog owners...

Preview 7112308d 14f1 4cf3 9731 4107ae2e014e
15 points

Ling ling!!! Why you do this??

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