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Quack Quack Quack

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New Satanic Temple Billboard.

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80 points

Jesus, it's cold outside

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67 points

A local restaurant takes parking seriously

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66 points

Just don’t. Do the awesome thing.

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85 points

Sign on the door of a massage parlor in Cambodia

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97 points

Shots fired by the local Barber shop.

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20 points

Sign at my local liquor store

Preview 3d88141e bdf9 43ac 8e5f c663967c4c2b
47 points

At my nephew's football game and this sign at the field cracked me up

Preview 4b7a948c 51b4 4b67 9166 9213011ddd8f
69 points

Chinese Restaurant

Preview c7d8e165 5a63 4eaa 991c e1455aed3223
21 points

To Catch a Santa - Guy duct tape and bricks over 20 flood lamps on his roof and on makeshift posts around his house.

Preview f20feb30 6b58 4cb5 919c ca682f52d9e9
16 points

...And I've just hit a child trying to read your sign.

Preview 0f32e9cf 1291 4732 afa2 d9d2e5ce8321
17 points

They just put up this sign in my neighborhood and I can't stop laughing!

Preview 25b6be73 4a20 4dea b4e4 0aafd70754b0
21 points

Remember - Don't lift with your back.

Preview ad9131dd bc43 46cc 8965 532d4a60b9b3
11 points

A sign on a door in Amsterdam

Preview c0741f8e 0781 4d6b aa8d 10769d0cd726
20 points

Bring your paintball guns. This is about to get serious.

Preview 439f6663 0386 4316 b52d b240af880d69
18 points

You gotta be the hero

Preview 233784a4 67c7 4617 bed6 0b1eba0a330a
19 points

I have some questions now

Preview cf057831 0512 4d00 a531 30be343128f6
66 points

Meanwhile in Canada

Preview 333d3598 2cb6 4b1a a348 1306032e2d1b
76 points

Tresspassers beware

Preview 65d5573c a88e 4cec 9135 e0880eea779f

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