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"I was just trying to make a blanket fort."

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You seen the toilet I posted, here is his bathroom sink. Yes he uses it to brush his teeth. How? No idea because where the hell is the sink?

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110 points

This gas station bathroom sink is knee high. I am only 6'

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138 points

Indoor/outdoor bathroom in Bali

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163 points

My friend got a roomba

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89 points

Remodelled industrial kitchen in Antwerp, Belgium

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68 points

Beautiful Bathroom in Black & White look

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109 points

Bathroom Goals

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103 points

Yeah, that's safe

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117 points

A can of expaning foam went off and dented my 5mm thick steel sink

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53 points

Mouse quietly reading under sidewalk lamp stand

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70 points

Suffer Little Children

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117 points

The cutouts in these floors

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Find the toilet paper your sweet butt deserves

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139 points

Found a scorpion waiting for me in my toilet this morning.

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23 points

What is this? A spy movie?

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109 points

The reflection of these bathrooms tiles leave a sharks reflection on the faucet

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100 points

When you're watching porn, make sure the chair is not watching too..

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101 points

No mirrors to look at your precious face

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