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O hai there

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How? Also, Why?

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19 points

You will love indian food they said

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17 points

Life is testing me

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23 points

Luxury bathroom

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14 points

When you want to take a shit but demon and satan calls you

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16 points


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1 points

Art above the urinal in a nice hotel. Am I the only one with a dirty mind?

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12 points

It took a year for my uncle to evict a tenant, this is how she left the bathroom.

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73 points

How not to use the toilet

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2 points

When Roger Roger is life

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4 points

It is about to get real.

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3 points

This is the first time I see things like this

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20 points

Where do you keep your fuse switches and exposed wires?

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11 points

Fun fact: In New Zealand our public bathrooms have microwave ovens. I have not figured out why yet.

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2 points

Why the f*ck is the toilet upsidedown?

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3 points

Marble Bathroom with a terrace

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2 points

That's a strange place for a mirror.

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16 points

I guess things are getting competitive at work

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12 points

At least they're trying

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