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Petting my sweet angel Ruby

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Babysitting this sweet little kitten. My house panther Oliver has been quite welcoming.

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Kept the fact have kittens in my house for over a year from the Neighborhood 7 yr old girls. They saw what was parting the blinds and now daily requests to pet my kittens. Thanks alot Jasper

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A startled cat.

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When you catch the dude who's been sniffing yo girls butt at the bark park

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Tough day at the office.

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Taken between attacks for being on my own bed.

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Pillow thief.

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My cat gets bitey when he's hungry

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That’s a nice pedestal you bought me, thanks but no thanks

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Ask your vet if your heart is healthy enough...

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Ok, who ate all the Lucky Charms?

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No mor homeworkz hooman. Petz naow.

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Lacy plays black cat well

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So my friend got his dog a new ball...

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72 points

Bitch why you bothering me?!?

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The cat is the alpha in this house.

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76 points

This little monster is a Brussels Griffon

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94 points

Stop working!!!!

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When mother asked "Can she sleep in your room?", this is not what i had in mind...

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