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Loneliness level 9999

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5 points

Good time for a selfie...

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6 points

Norfolk Broads today

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7 points


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9 points

Concrete pool at Victoria Beach

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13 points

Wait , what ????

Preview fd74005a 403e 4604 80f4 88af31599ed9
12 points

When no one is around, sometimes you have to put your camera on a rock to take a selfie

Preview b3ab08dd 6870 4f63 a0c8 e576051b5bc9
13 points

My Dog Looking Insane

Preview 9b666bfc d32d 4267 854f e3acb92179c0
8 points

Hiking in Norway

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7 points

Dolphin sculpture.

Preview aa2f0098 55fb 4477 b2cc 8ecef8702359
4 points

Two girls bursting a water balloon on the beach

Preview c1b3d9ec abf6 4e27 a402 b1d08ba50942

Blue whale with a 75 foot boat for scale

Preview 32d01e22 137a 4fb2 8426 4893108fab83
10 points

Reflections in Los Angeles, California

Preview 5dc35de6 0e5c 4f75 ac1a 8faa866af830
8 points

Straight down the lens

Preview 3e8bc53c 1a7b 4c5d 80b8 7f7623bf807b

It's really disappointing to have such a cute innocent girl became pornstar. She even had a diploma in biomedical science, wtf that's good

Preview d923bcca f146 4957 b414 31ffb3103db5
11 points

Classic balkan

Preview bab9db30 25a2 4f88 8ce4 9c41b9b42175

The Floor Is Lava

Preview c31b4cf5 a1dd 4295 afe2 6cb21ec5bed0
13 points


Preview f2bac6fe f527 4398 9f4b 72eb8f2b9b97
13 points

Lightning struck this fishing rod

Preview 77c65ebb c29f 4317 a300 ded684114ef4
12 points

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