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I relate to this blowfish.

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11 points

Road trains in Australia

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40 points

This looks... fishy

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98 points

How bridge foundations are laid in waterways

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Please don't fall :|

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Some interesting street tag art

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85 points

Outdoor living Soneva Fushi, Maldives

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69 points

Bald eagle having fun..

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Rare photo of two massive pigeons looking for their car

Preview 7f10e7ce 72c4 4de0 b7d7 faf5ccca1323
101 points

Saw the post with the diving girl and thought about this pic i took almost two years ago

Preview cb5b15f2 a436 4e3b 9f94 db7ba038b9d7

I think this one was pretty good timed, heh, my mom, my brother and his friend

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Taken at the beach, bird flew by at just the right moment

Preview 8619bebe bcdb 4cc2 9911 7bf9ae169d56

Snapped just before she broke the water, thought it was cool

Preview 49316ecf 14ff 4526 b36e f9d7f77720b1

Since frozen critters is a current thing...

Preview 33d5bc73 7eaa 42fe 8cde 31a6ba73cfd7
87 points

Perfectly timed fall in the ocean.

Preview b667f808 24e3 4037 860f b1d432c77cc6

The inside of this pelican's mouth and his penis looking epiglottis or whatever??

Preview fa84e058 5bd1 4054 b0cc 507a6b765c7f
79 points

She told me to take a picture of her foot in the puddle, I took the picture a little early

Preview 320c6fb6 5a3b 4e3b a1ab aee74d8c6659

Viva la resitance

Preview aa58e354 a468 4ba8 8e71 a834eb20fdf7
62 points

A surfer catching air

Preview 005f8677 5177 4db6 8eee ee2776716011

This is Accurate ...

Preview c2bfd1b3 eddd 45ce ab30 0d967dffc3bf
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