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Bubble Glasses

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Look at me, I’m a choo choo. CHOO CHOO! Nobody can cross while the train goes by!

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Bird Just About To Dive Into Water

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Defying Gravity

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This Fish With a Face

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These fish jumped at the perfect time.

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She didn’t love it when her new hermit crab friend decided to stretch his legs

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My trip to the edge of the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Once in a lifetime event.

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A cottonmouth they found in a lake near me

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I still listen to it.

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88 points

Mountainside glass bridge; NOPE!

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Isn't nature beautiful?

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112 points

Dad and his son swimming .

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Um how many people can i see?

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122 points

This windsurfer flew in at the best moment

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102 points

Phone loss

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107 points

Zaya Nurai Island Bedroom View - Abu Dhabi

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89 points

Sauna raft Joensuu Finland.

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82 points

Someone found this creature in their lettuce

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83 points

My friend works for a hot tub company, the CEO was friends with Leslie Nielsen

Preview 8837e9fa 7d18 459c 82ec 3170c39ca136
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