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Halki, Greece

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This bird decided to burst right out of the sun, spreading his wings perfectly straight

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Perfect timing of waves cresting

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Before and after photos of I-10 near Beaumont, Texas.

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The Columbia River Gorge in Oregon is amazing. After 8 different waterfalls I stumbled upon Oregon's largest: Multnomah Falls.

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Sea foam

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He front flipped; I back flipped.

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When the lifeguard sends you down the wrong slide

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The Truth is here

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He's still a live b*tchez!

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Stevie Ray Vaughn statue appears to be walking on water in Texas Flood.

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PS Battle: these frogs.

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9/11 would watch

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A black man in snow feeding white swan in black water

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The best photo I've ever taken with my smartphone

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New Zealand Coastline

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"A miracle shot"

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Oh the irony....

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Sailors on deck of the a French Ballistic Missle Submarine.

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