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Migingo Island, population of 131, only 0.0008sq mi of dirt

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89 points

I raise you the entire Earth is lava

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94 points

Flashes back: I have a boyfriend.

Preview 80e0d9a5 bbdd 434f 9739 71855b0e309a
70 points

Japan is ready for W.W.III

Preview 9639a16c e47a 42dd b04f 062b0f84b055
54 points

Taking a picture with his catch

Preview a8a85eab f9bc 4bf8 8219 a2f7947056dd

Beat the Dad

Preview 1bd36274 7894 49d6 87f1 df494098fdb8
78 points

Jet-skis can be dangerous

Preview 668139ee 8f6a 4f06 b689 26578eeeb9d2

Wall painting in Kiev

Preview e15292e4 d072 444f 85a7 f8e1d3b4faa8
105 points

This peaceful cormorant early in the morning

Preview 5237ca82 f03b 4bde 8c94 a8d32cd23669

When the wave kicks in

Preview cdb39647 20f1 41cc b796 efe9a8333f27
106 points

He’s floating

Preview 20ea9096 3bbd 4312 a689 f8e77a40344c
46 points

Venice right now

Preview c38d08fd 39c7 4f24 a3dd 17b29caa4543

Uploading a warship picture every day #221 HMAS Vampire

Preview fc1c98df 8b9b 4fe9 86b1 fb2f99e29f65
52 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #200 german battleship Tirpitz

Preview aa1aed66 ff3c 4d2e b4d5 51b5c595475f
61 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #155 IJN Takao

Preview 17f82f1b 19d0 4bad b79e 8fd6c245bec6
61 points

Water is so clear it looks like they are floating on grass

Preview f5992504 1b8f 4954 a671 d30eab7bd914
235 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #152 Vittorio Veneto

Preview ac8ab256 89a2 4d95 98b1 fb80ad512c8e
77 points

Uploading a warship picture everyday #85 HMS Dreadnought

Preview 0c41b0c5 15c8 4edd a05e 4c8b7b5a3aae
16 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #179 USS Wasp

Preview 5ee90879 64c6 4c00 b714 078d03a8ab22
93 points

Abandoned sea forts from World War 2

Preview 98ebcc63 117f 4589 8465 abd538ced61b
17 points

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