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Mimikyu has infiltrated the pack

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11 points

Desert Water Aircraft Carrier

Preview d2ae9df2 41a4 4b94 840f d5d96b7ca047
15 points

Shots fired

Preview efa1b8c2 0aec 4ef6 97f3 b565d22787b3
16 points

Top of Mast

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This bright blue lobster caught on Cape Cod.

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10 points

Heard you like big vehicles? Check out the Bagger 288, the biggest land vehicle EVER.

Preview d7fcebb3 c6ac 4ac1 8e4d 0c0eb73281cb
4 points

This heavy-lift ship is a giant vessel of tech

Preview 6045b767 8191 43ca a38f 4c038d9202e3
14 points

A blue whale with a 75 foot boat for scale

Preview 39275468 f834 412f b01c 5cde5a05e5e3
12 points

The Canadian duck

Preview c94310d8 8389 4b43 b8a5 658520f05982
9 points

Blue whale with a 75 foot boat for scale

Preview 32d01e22 137a 4fb2 8426 4893108fab83
13 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #150 Scharnhorst and Gneisenau

Preview 3133c74b fe09 4b9a bc6d 0c21654624cb
11 points

This is what pure calmness looks like.

Preview b4514ba6 d0a8 4d35 995b e4d275f3db06
16 points

Swim call in the Gulf of Aden

Preview 974cd27d a87d 4b0d b772 4afff00eca6b
14 points

Diagnosed with PTSD, depression and alcoholism I adopted Gabby. I thought I saved her but she actually saved me.

Preview 830b98dc 001a 4196 9941 b58c70c575aa

Venice looks like Zoidberg rubbing his hands

Preview 1de55cdc 41fd 4060 9e19 df72fc1e831d
13 points


Preview ce942d5f a209 4a94 a023 418617505f03

It looks like he smacked pavement

Preview fe8319b0 b3f8 49cd a509 b2995ace14b6

Finally! Long way to go.

Preview 5fc5b532 d042 47b9 a220 484161a84476
6 points

In Abu Dhabi where I'm assuming some billionaire has an entire man-made sand island with a single mansion for himself...

Preview 973951ef 0961 44ec 896b bab43a46fd5e
10 points


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