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In China I have found the entrance to the cave of wonders

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Human for scale center right.

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This sediment-pink waterfall during heavy rains in Alberta, Canada

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The pink waters of Cameron Falls, Alberta

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The Columbia River Gorge in Oregon is amazing. After 8 different waterfalls I stumbled upon Oregon's largest: Multnomah Falls.

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This was a good sunday...

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Rocky Creek Canyon, Blue Mountains, Australia.

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This waterfall located in Romania.

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That last step is a bit tricky

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Otherworldly Waterfall you can find in Romania (Bigar Waterfall)

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Natures inception.. my minecraft senses are tingling..

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Cold shower

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This is one of the most beautiful places on earth... Lavertazzo, Switzerland

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Sitting in the "Devil's Armchair" at the top of the largest waterfall in the world


Not your everyday bridge

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This is not a painting

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Train for scale - Dughsagar falls, India

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