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Mid-skid duck

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144 points

Eye contact is important

Preview b7cb3df3 1c7f 4840 b491 a261eb750383
92 points

Are you feeling lucky?

Preview c5f8b5b2 f42d 40f6 97dc 8a0e0fc2556a
106 points

I think I'll take the other door...

Preview 55ff45e6 95c5 4a05 8632 74c58c5674d0

This eagle

Preview 039bedfd b65e 4b0a a21d 4f2b3f322ed0
102 points

This picture

Preview fa94ddc1 47b9 460c b9e9 df36d75990a8

Quak Quak

Preview 42ffbcef 79f3 4505 88d8 79fea1f3bc9b
93 points

Saw a duck with missing bottom jaw and exposed tongue today at work. It didn't seem to mind too much.

Preview 3b46ddc4 7884 4236 a80c dd14c0146a0f
62 points

He He Helppppp...

Preview 414fd222 db9c 4bb3 a644 da4e5069607d

This duck doesn't give a fuck

Preview b5a5f1e1 bd22 49eb 9417 d0d5702f719e
85 points

Mutant bird with six legs and feet

Preview 34404c5b f25d 4c3a b574 209c1507427e
93 points

'I think the theory of evolution is fully compatible with faith in God.' Charles Darwin

Preview 30e61064 30af 47bf 86e0 0d638738fd47
43 points

No other reason for which people would have elected him

Preview 1705b2ac 7bcc 4c25 9ac1 bfb73048ffc8
138 points

... apparently there's no "Meme" section left, and no appropriate category for this kind of post anymore...

Preview d638bce8 fbae 4531 a99a d2a56fe19abf
73 points

Would be way more interesting

Preview 87837be2 df60 4aa2 8ea2 c59faca74720


Preview 7ba525c1 7550 441c abe8 81721674eea2
76 points

Well-timed Shot!

Preview 52e7ed79 012f 41d2 8ac3 777a15118fa5
168 points

A hungry little duckling.

Preview 03e70f17 a00b 4c4c a384 a446405fde65
209 points

Perfect timing duck

Preview 77907ec0 29bb 4247 a724 2714e02e2a3c
101 points

Birds with hands

Preview 08f8c1ef 598d 4439 b98b a835b54c960e
130 points

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