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These fish jumped at the perfect time.

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Wave of a sunset

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A wave sunset...

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Surfing an 80 foot wave...


Please don't fall :|

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A surfer catching air

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Surprise wave into a pool - Bondi Beach, Sydney 🇦🇺

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Ah, the Jehovah Witness final exam.

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The Rope - Slackline over Monster Waves in Nazaré


A Sunrise view from inside a Wave

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I only noticed days after when I was editing the photo. Paradise beach in Tulum, Mexico.

Preview e9b9ccb7 72dd 42ee 98ab 6d5754b59265
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Folly Beach by Brian Gorman

Preview 32289dd1 ccaa 4020 abe2 80f637d5864b

Seen on Snapchat - Hurricane Irma

Preview 2e7b09cd 839a 4285 bb03 937935ac4230
24 points

The splashing of the waves

Preview 1ef4e4ba 0b75 4ab1 8f07 07a0ce846225
40 points

This surfer girl mid wipeout

Preview be57fd92 78c1 4705 b05b fc6dd2c3d6a9

Perfect timing indeed

Preview 7ab0b4bb 781a 4c74 accb 26214bee521c

No, this wave (which is real)

Preview 9ec7008e a452 477d 809f f3fd3c7757d9
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A picture of a wave

Preview 52a76211 581d 452f 8c13 46781f9b890e

Nambia, Where desert meets water

Preview 5e56118b 7e8d 4408 ae10 02dc2e00229f
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Epic picture of wave crashing into the statue of Neptune in Gran Canaria

Preview 54368998 f9c2 4596 91a5 7cd05838d0fe
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