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Seen on Snapchat - Hurricane Irma

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15 points

The splashing of the waves

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20 points

This surfer girl mid wipeout

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Perfect timing indeed

Preview 7ab0b4bb 781a 4c74 accb 26214bee521c

No, this wave (which is real)

Preview 9ec7008e a452 477d 809f f3fd3c7757d9
23 points

A picture of a wave

Preview 52a76211 581d 452f 8c13 46781f9b890e

Nambia, Where desert meets water

Preview 5e56118b 7e8d 4408 ae10 02dc2e00229f
54 points

Epic picture of wave crashing into the statue of Neptune in Gran Canaria

Preview 54368998 f9c2 4596 91a5 7cd05838d0fe
19 points

The break of this wave

Preview 5dc93741 8782 4000 b0ef 4d1518a7f689
20 points

Shipwreck at the tip of the Bermuda Triangle

Preview 9ed5226a 607b 4cd3 bdce 74557429e238
20 points

Worked hard to get a drone to shoot while traveling - totally worth it!!!

Preview 778c6715 d58a 4792 85b9 a4f4d109b401
71 points

Dramatic big wave surfer rescue


Stormy seas off Portugal

Preview 3da67fcf 6175 4f7e a899 20610a306cf8
82 points

A wave engulfs the statue of Neptune on Melenara Beach, Gran Canaria

Preview 137afe56 1251 46d1 8c76 11d1f9e2ea91
46 points

Shades of Ocean Blue

Preview b8e13878 98d8 4489 9b4b d508fb17ee2c
3 points

Perfect timing of waves cresting

Preview 6f71514d e153 435c 8e71 37849df6be5c
16 points

Big wave


Waves cresting

Preview 0e6d25e9 c7cd 4032 b459 32e50fd985e3
17 points

Great Hacker!!! #Respect

Preview 94ad2690 e2e5 4374 9248 3a57baa2107a

High-speed photography turns waves to ice

Preview 90857bd6 7d18 48da a457 8763743deed0
93 points

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