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Epic picture of wave crashing into the statue of Neptune in Gran Canaria

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16 points

The break of this wave

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18 points

Shipwreck at the tip of the Bermuda Triangle

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17 points

Worked hard to get a drone to shoot while traveling - totally worth it!!!

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22 points

Stormy seas off Portugal

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78 points

A wave engulfs the statue of Neptune on Melenara Beach, Gran Canaria

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22 points

Shades of Ocean Blue

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1 points

Perfect timing of waves cresting

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13 points

Big wave


Waves cresting

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14 points

Great Hacker!!! #Respect

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High-speed photography turns waves to ice

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90 points

Waves cresting

Preview 7e04e076 72e7 4b97 a1ce 77954eed2798

Colossal Storm on Saturn's Surface Captured by the Hubble Telescope

Preview 2b19c5d3 dff7 4b88 a49a cf301783fe4a
61 points

Pacific Storm from 37,000 feet above the ocean, near Panama

Preview ed0ebcdf 7f66 405f ad24 d7650a4c4b4c
5 points

Composition of 4 photographs into one

Preview 8934578a 575b 4189 ac9b 058c11db25ce
8 points

A Dad captured this photo of his 10-year-old son surfing over a great white shark

Preview a3021d9c a35e 40cd b8cd c194a6cf4386

Maybe you look good but you will never look as majestic as this fat guy on a surfboard

Preview cb4bb952 f762 478d 80e0 27ffc6298321
297 points

Guess the country

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