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Lord Ganesha is one of the Indian God.

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My mate found this in an elevator on a construction site

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My mom finally opened her present I gave her in 1998.

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Why Hooman?

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two dads

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The High School years weren't good to my friend...

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Found this cool bill floating around the internet. By artist Tazmatic instagram/FB @tazmatic618

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Liar !

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Hope for the future

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The burbs have never been the same...

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Saw this on Twitter.. What do u think?

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SUg hul

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Ah, back to school shopping.

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Petroleum trapped in a quartz crystal

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Am I crazy or is this a bit rude to people with OCD?

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Romaniaaaaa, f**k yeah

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Love this kitten and all your financial needs will be taken care of!

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US Navy grandfather left us a sack of coins from his travels. He was in the Navy during WW2 and served for 30 plus years.

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In turkish money (TL) , Atatürk turns his face towards to you when you have more money :D

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