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The moment before my friend got hit by a beer bottle to the face

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German Police during a test mission to counter a terrorist attack with bacteria.

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Gandalf in Minnesota

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It's good to be the king of Sweden.

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The 082 show room located in Milan, Italy.

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Didn't know rockets did that

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"Check your mirrors"

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"Full-ish House"

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Meat man

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11 points

Democracy is non negotiable

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This revolver.

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If it works it works

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Fact #13

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"Hey Sarg, it won't fit!"

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23 points

Here comes S O L D I E R B O Y E

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21 points

About to go medieval on yo ass

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19 points

Shhh be quiet now

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Abu Tahsin an Iraqi sniper killed 175 ISIS terrorist in last six months.

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Some art fot you by Nivanh Chanthara

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Yep, this is it

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