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Went bowling with my brother today. He asks for the biggest size they have, and the counter guy's response was "I knew this day would come, we've been waiting for you."

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Track me not

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These 1930s Mickey & Minnie costume is a pure nightmare fuel

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Years and years or isolation and meditation and suddenly ... Boobs

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Me this Halloween

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England is my city

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Doc, I can't be a good doggo for a long time.

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When there's a new toy in town

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Not mine

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Japan, America, Germany. Summer Olympics in Berlin, 1936

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Lara Croft cosplay

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Wait, what?

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They have reached nirvana

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So much hope before the moment of impact...

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Unfinished Skin-work on Walter White sculpture by jackofthedust

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4 out of 5 kids enjoy sack races.

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Why not *_*

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Two women wearing rubber beauty masks to remove wrinkles and blemishes, c. 1920's.

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I think she really likes Crash

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