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Russian Armed Forces selfie

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5 points

Wonder Women drawn by my wife. What do you think?

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7 points

Dry Erase Wonder Woman

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5 points

The queen in Latex outfit.

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3 points

Which side?

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This mannequin

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3 points

Jaw bone remodelling is common following wisdom tooth extraction. I pulled this out of my socket about two months after my procedure.

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8 points

A group of women mend fishing nets in a village near Bac Lieu, Vietnam.

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6 points

Damn,I would wear those

Preview 0276ad52 4a25 4f76 81c0 d4006cac3188
13 points

Will Smith finally looks how he did in the 1994 episode of Fresh Prince where he dresses up as someone's dad.

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11 points

You know that look

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6 points

Uberpool of the White Walkers

Preview 4584b26b e1fd 41e8 982c e7e90eee9057
13 points

Geee...I wonder why?

Preview ffd99ded 81d3 4175 b4e2 33990770073f
11 points

A wee crossover .

Preview a5cc1d3e bbd4 4b9a 8fd8 295c13f366fd

The Dude Awakens

Preview a3ade6b8 131b 457a 8d35 1e8cea83a65d
8 points

People really sorting through 'new'

Preview a071c18b ddd8 4f27 854e f54060a1e88b
7 points

Hugh Jackman

Preview ac06c54e 1a74 45e4 bdec 024c061830ab
6 points

Vote cerci for president

Preview d9f19ce0 7a72 4818 9e7a 579ffb1b1d3e

This is why you need a boyfriend that can fight

Preview 9bc1c889 c672 45db 832e 80992e71af50
10 points

These guys are real life musicians too and they appeared on GoT, so what's the problem with Ed Sheeran. Is it because he's more popular?

Preview db63b134 8345 4d72 9113 df833ccf0436

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