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I don't know about you guys but this scene along with the music gave me goosebumps. Pure awe! Haters gonna hate

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Mt Rainier casting a shadow upwards

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9 points

Lightning bolt

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A storm in Texas, USA, photographed by Craig Bill on 20 September 2011.

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Not sure if this counts but lightning struck in the middle of taking a photo.

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30 second exposure I took of the ISS streaking in front of the milky way

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51 points

Fog makes things woah

Preview 495400f7 9a96 4fa0 b847 5d3383d4063e
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“Dead Man Walking” - Probably The Scariest Photo of a Tornado that Exists

Preview d85e69a8 2af0 4fdc 92f8 28eac3dfb9e3
8 points

In case you're wondering what a launched rocket looks like from space...

Preview 6fd12259 c68d 46d3 be91 74457ded8de5
72 points

Airplane slicing through the clouds.

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The floor is eu

Preview f2ce9826 c2c9 4364 822d 6dd1baa7fd3c
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Wtf is that?! XD

Preview b6301c52 4c5b 495b 88c0 0c672414406c
6 points

Sauna at the Juvet Hotel

Preview e7aea41e 9803 4073 aad8 e10960915f5a
121 points

Lightning vortex

Preview d11f61e5 b3e0 491b 840f bbf0950c32a8
4 points

The Walking Debt

Preview 0f134efb 2d22 4ff8 94f5 985736b449b7
3 points

He can bearly move

Preview f98bf5a4 d86e 4a3d 9dc2 543932fac09d
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My parents successfully evicted a hoarder from their stone cottage recently.

Preview ba4a02d2 56d9 4afb bb9a 146b6d9d1aa6
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This cloud made an odd shape in the other clouds.

Preview fa3d79a1 5299 4055 960f 698738846dc4
3 points

Caption this

Preview b4901e24 1f85 4ee4 a60f b828f18d7868
6 points

What geologists see

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