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I think a squirrel fell off my roof..

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79 points

Snowday beast from the east!

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86 points

a fox frozen in ice on display

Preview 21dfc9f5 f12b 4a71 a011 13989b0ffdcc
81 points

Got photobombed by a bird in Stockholm today

Preview 1f98ff75 a67a 465e a77d 7f529fabfbcc

Clever advice though

Preview 9fc44049 2cd2 48d5 ba8f 6e61564f6df7
49 points

Where my dog decided to poop.

Preview 54c5bc28 95f4 4f25 aea6 206dec268d85

Mora, MN wherever that is

Preview 86aedf7b 6efe 4a35 abe4 ca02aa3fb6d5
74 points

You know you live in Canada when...

Preview 452fe81c 3f64 409e 8904 1e55ecd16fc0
118 points

Tree Ornaments

Preview d1f0679e bd4d 47e5 b8ca 8044e3a07e4a
65 points

I35 by Ames Iowa

Preview 50d756c8 7230 4118 9cd3 285d51f15b52
64 points

Crosswind landings and aircraft go-arounds during stormy weather.


This is the river after an ice jam in Pennsylvania. That’s all ice.

Preview a5149e1b d06a 42a7 9c6f cdf38449533c
89 points

No swimming

Preview ea8d770d a2a1 4b61 8509 6665adc374ca
72 points

Improvise Adapt Overcome... Canadian Snow Plow

Preview 54fcd75e 6bc0 4bea bb22 ff6b8c583613
97 points

pic of my friend falling in the snow

Preview ed7a868d f652 4fda bfe0 74891166adee

It was foggy the last 2 days. Decided to make my fear as a kid come to life.

Preview 9072c6b0 af12 4504 8808 709b96334227
103 points

Using a flamethrower to shovel the driveway

Preview 30690a42 69d8 4654 aef9 39661236ceb8
74 points

Where's Derek?

Preview bc7b66a1 8697 4a7f af28 5b20ee1af47a
72 points

Lets not forget how North carolina handles snow.. They are expecting some today.

Preview e464cc2d 0d9f 4ca9 9dc2 a51c8a8c974f
67 points

Two dummies hung in a tree in Maryland today. Wtf?

Preview e3068f46 0917 424a b9b3 af11807351fc
97 points

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