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Using a flamethrower to shovel the driveway

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64 points

Where's Derek?

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61 points

Lets not forget how North carolina handles snow.. They are expecting some today.

Preview e464cc2d 0d9f 4ca9 9dc2 a51c8a8c974f
56 points

Two dummies hung in a tree in Maryland today. Wtf?

Preview e3068f46 0917 424a b9b3 af11807351fc
81 points

A tree just fell on my poor office mate’s brand new car

Preview e3725929 fc13 43ef 9480 904a2b9f7bcc
65 points

No one likes plowing alone.

Preview 0611fe0c 225a 466b bb49 0de408bc53c0
62 points

This picture of lightning hitting a moving cat

Preview 9d22791d 4f04 4742 9466 a98ea963908f

Caught a lightening strike @ 10 pm in Austin, TX in 2012 with my iPhone 4S

Preview 4ecda8f0 cb5b 430a 868c afaba2053394


Preview 65608c43 57a8 4c69 93e9 f64835232327
11 points

Me neighbor is an idiot

Preview a60f3b9f 4f8e 46ba 83d7 5627741d6664
21 points

You know the roads are bad when....

Preview ebddc150 a714 4c13 b710 3c12180f94e0
20 points

And we have liftoff!

Preview 836d6271 f6c0 40f4 b8d4 1d78bb893b7a

Pack it up boys, looks like we're done here.

Preview 685fe55b 1f4f 4158 9184 935dbd88cc11
22 points

My brother took that photo coming back from school. Looks just like silent hill.

Preview 017d2eca 0752 4e42 867b 6e147b517dd2
75 points

A rainbow from my back porch after hurricane Irma

Preview b5589feb bc8a 4caf bfb7 07b22a028dbf
18 points

Well Canadians, its about that time again.

Preview b6863e03 6172 425d 9911 4ce2b59064e0
63 points

The last shot while still on the sled

Preview 5bd1e911 d579 4b68 a13c 1e6e58188bad

I live in Corpus Christi

Preview 9626f308 8a36 4ac7 9651 60119d622814

One clear victor

Preview d33ce397 48d8 4bd2 96d2 8b5f9349ed9a

Shadow of clouds on clouds.

Preview 78805e60 4099 457c bec9 c41e90f1b565
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