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Eclipse landscape Hartsburg, Missouri

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12 points

Why giraffes can't play hide and seek

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I got this photo on accident in my backyard

Preview b658f27d 0161 4780 b3f4 6938a96a806d

7+ hour sand castle & mini village

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19 points

This picture (not mine) from lastnights thunderstorm in Finland is serious wallpaper material.

Preview 5e1655e6 4e1f 4aa2 aa8a bfdf4afc8f0f
57 points

Get your own pizza!


Airplane flew by when /u/adamkw94 snapped the photo of eclipse

Preview ae384d14 7182 496e 81d2 e19e960bf2bf

I caught a pic of lightning bouncing off a double rainbow

Preview e1e68d2f 1de7 4f49 9d23 8724ac5478bb
23 points

A swarm of breeding mosquitoes

Preview 3179bc4b 6d03 4f6a 8352 e407d5018228
6 points

Random street in Africa

Preview 97c51157 e059 4358 853d c975c173c010
5 points

My tiny town in Poland in winter... Photo by me

Preview 7323824d 0188 4fff 8bba 372290e95e48
2 points

I don't know about you guys but this scene along with the music gave me goosebumps. Pure awe! Haters gonna hate

Preview 114396aa 3415 4f82 bc77 d027649d3068
13 points

Mt Rainier casting a shadow upwards

Preview faca5e53 48e8 4bc3 a2b1 6b0119ed3cae
11 points

Lightning bolt

Preview ce3bf3f3 b33d 47de a1ed bc0c06b1ef61
9 points

A storm in Texas, USA, photographed by Craig Bill on 20 September 2011.

Preview 546de2f0 bc08 4942 b155 73b95c390b9e
14 points

High voltage line broke of it's insulator and started to swing around.

Preview 3f0eb233 f250 4445 9ef5 caf8b0f8f642

Not sure if this counts but lightning struck in the middle of taking a photo.

Preview fb74d2ab 7ccc 4230 83f7 0afdeabc97c6

30 second exposure I took of the ISS streaking in front of the milky way

Preview ba343b93 4963 401b 90c0 fe5dc425fb24
59 points

Fog makes things woah

Preview 495400f7 9a96 4fa0 b847 5d3383d4063e
13 points

“Dead Man Walking” - Probably The Scariest Photo of a Tornado that Exists

Preview d85e69a8 2af0 4fdc 92f8 28eac3dfb9e3
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