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Member of staff gets stuck upstairs with only an iServe to hand...

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102 points

Comment a bad pickup line

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79 points

A snowflake right before melting

Preview 5d1d1637 ad2a 4ac3 9e74 0074e660d5d6

Call me the Snout Scout

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49 points

I forgot her name, Google did exactly what I wanted.

Preview e27fa13f 3cca 4b59 9a41 f2b0da438403
66 points

Lift off!

Preview d1852dc9 8299 42e4 b906 09c4340efd61
60 points

My profile

Preview 262f97a9 1e1b 4d97 9a1d 28e662a06f6a

I would regret my whole life after this 💀

Preview b290b1ea a581 4b93 91f4 0cb6d6359e8b
87 points

Dumn troll on gf while Im away

Preview 0fcfacf1 6012 4f53 8b1f 4aa841471331
141 points

Roasted by Google Assistant

Preview e4d9ccab 1c07 4a5a 90f3 78e1857ed502
86 points

What you need

Preview beb9a1ce af0e 4fe9 a79d 2bbdef35dee3
106 points

School is taking submissions on a name change.

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95 points

South Park LMAO

Preview 3c7eb15f a317 4872 81f8 78f61fd185c8
89 points

And that’s how condoms work

Preview fec78b2c b1b8 426b a467 b34430d81bfb
73 points

There, there, it'll be alright.

Preview 2de3990b 5d89 4b98 94db 758d7f5be8d8

My dad caught this candid of me during a volleyball tournament in 9th grade... in my defense, I had the flu that day. I blame all the DayQuil.

Preview 781c6a94 74d2 4538 9ceb ec57793b8f22

When you want to help your team but you don't know how

Preview 2e189b5f 9e26 48ce ba04 e89ce5d8fa35

If validation in adulthood was the same as childhood

Preview ab18e7d0 0801 4c73 9006 f29a7ed0ff91
137 points

Coincidence? I think not.

Preview 7c2aa01a f5d3 46db 8449 dea1531c9288

It was only a kiss...

Preview a9c6e49f 43f4 44a2 9dd5 ac31c54389a1

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