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The fuck it ain't!

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193 points

Hanging bridge in Boleng, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

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Men smh lol

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121 points

Someone messed with my keyboard

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216 points

Who wants to play?

Preview b8033f86 e137 487e 8168 3b927f0fae5f
183 points

love my friend

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151 points

Google Search

Preview ad141cf0 b8e3 4405 a510 e1a5bd268f32
145 points

Somebody going to have trouble finding their truck at the boat ramp

Preview 3c2b5eec dd22 445b b4c8 0b5d9bb372e2
107 points

Messing with my friend.

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187 points

Buying a Motorcycle off Craigslist in MA ...

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104 points

I was at a concert and the vibration from me jumping happened exactly when the shutter went off, resulting in this

Preview 0137c8ce e774 41d1 80c3 19c9a6504d0a

they have no idea

Preview 76fe7103 37dd 4d80 a75c 5bab18567a6a
121 points

Wait a minute

Preview c4fc1f5d 0b6f 4a05 88fe 9626931a143e
112 points


Preview a6b85471 f647 45c5 aad7 5846357efc0e
101 points

Texting my girlfriend, when suddenly...

Preview e6391282 c253 4c18 b697 373f53662f26
104 points

The Irony...

Preview 390f3c53 0028 444b a413 5e4a161fd547

I checked my facebook memories , and I almost died laughing , I didn't plan for this .LOL

Preview 96774438 d219 49ea ab0d dc13f844f587

X-post from r/mildlyinfuriating

Preview f4a8e658 51d9 4975 b37e 0d6809921332

Adults deserve stickers too!

Preview 9a91fab9 c0ff 44f0 a6c1 70cc2ba83113
113 points

am lost

Preview 3c38faab 9e7c 42c5 9817 99fe158cd745
133 points

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