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School is taking submissions on a name change.

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South Park LMAO

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78 points

And that’s how condoms work

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65 points

There, there, it'll be alright.

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My dad caught this candid of me during a volleyball tournament in 9th grade... in my defense, I had the flu that day. I blame all the DayQuil.

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When you want to help your team but you don't know how

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Coincidence? I think not.

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It was only a kiss...

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Chillin with Dick

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Possibly the greatest ad I've ever seen in a newspaper. Got drinking problems? Come to the All Wines Off License Shop. Interested in having my Aura Chakras healed though.

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Took a picture of tip-off at the right moment. Just two bros holding hands.

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It got me

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Apparently balls for heads is what's in right now

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My neighbor has this doormat, I think it is my responsibility to mess with them by making a planchette and changing the letter daily, and wonder if they notice!

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So I was watching tv while a spider fell down from the ceiling, leaving behind an imprint on the table, before quickly crawling away!

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18 points

Sounds good doesn't work

Preview 1eb5db68 3af2 4401 a222 b8be805ce81d
21 points

Dis guy

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91 points

Is this normal ?

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81 points

There are 2 kinds of people

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87 points

A whole new level of philosophy

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