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Honest Amazon reviews

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161 points

Chicken Tendies for the win

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136 points

Jurassic Park next to Parks & Rec on Netflix

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95 points

College = Apollo 13

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142 points

Google Search

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116 points

Just bought a new bed for my dog and found this in the review section. Thought it belonged here.

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Minister of What?

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130 points

After reading the song info, the genre info is entirely unnecessary

Preview ed519d9d 4e82 41f1 b70b a92a1ddd4064
132 points

Another reason to keep an eye on your drink. Jerk!

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Perfect come back doesn't exist

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135 points

Hate when my cat does this.

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Messing with my friend.

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166 points

This is a post from some crypto currency mining website. Support service is full of good answers.

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117 points

Youtube link

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111 points

Two videos uploaded at the same time, same game, both first episodes, nearly the same thumbnail, but different channels.

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115 points


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127 points

loVlEY Day FOr a swIM

Preview 588aaa13 06c3 4120 a70b 82bb3407d3fc

Parents lie, the truth hurts

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126 points

Dammit John

Preview 5f36bb50 8516 4620 8e67 375973688f7e
108 points

This honestly hilariousreview.

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