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Don't pick up the phone... Im online!!!

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75 points

Got me for a second

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87 points

I noticed there were a lot of apps with lettered logos so... Speaks for itself.

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55 points

What you need

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107 points

Coincidence? I think not.

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Possibly the greatest ad I've ever seen in a newspaper. Got drinking problems? Come to the All Wines Off License Shop. Interested in having my Aura Chakras healed though.

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78 points

A whole new level of philosophy

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80 points

Time to sell the body for apple maniacs

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58 points

Liberal Logic - White Pride is racist????

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17 points

When someone asks what kind of movies I'm into

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103 points

Absolutely no other explanation

Preview 35709f90 849a 4e43 9835 1ef9eb6026a2
110 points

Got boobs?

Preview b6139835 4302 453c afea 4ce0b1b1bfcc
122 points

spot the difference. Obama vs Trump visit to China

Preview 466754ee f37e 4a51 a0f0 cfd2adbc077b

People Tweet Their Love Lives In Five Words And It's Too Real

Preview b88fc950 aebc 4dc4 9163 37cd59c00b35
170 points

The Best Countries To Work In Around The World

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120 points

I hate my big head

Preview 0dfab7c9 c943 4f27 ac6a 5af1390c034d
125 points

Pregnancy Tweets that will make dads laugh and mothers cry

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119 points

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