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The doubtful wife doesn't exi..

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20 points

A genuinely funny ring-ceremony prank: Best Man has Misplaced Something


You may kiss the bride

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16 points

Love at first sight

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Had to be done

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20 points

The new toy story looks amazing

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15 points

A friend of mine married yesterday, this is his wedding cake.

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22 points

She looked like Attila the Hun

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16 points

TiT BirB

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13 points

One in a million wedding picture.

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21 points

Never too late to tie the knot

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48 points

When somebody tries to touch my food

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23 points

Rabbi was excited at my friends' wedding

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78 points

True love

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3 points

When You're Drunk.

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12 points

Sitting in the "Devil's Armchair" at the top of the largest waterfall in the world


When everyone gets a cock except you...

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9 points

Seriously people get your shit together

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140 points

Trailer For District 9 Director's "Volume 1" Delivers Some Weird Sh*t As Promised


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