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My brothers girlfriend got a great picture of him stretching his forearms and doing something with his face. Would be a real shame if it made its way around the internet.

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Having 100,000 link karma and 6,000 comment karma

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120 points

WTF This plunger? WHY

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115 points

So this happened...

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Anyone with good photoshop skills? Can edit out the background and put me on a beach or something funny! Wanna see how good you guys are? I’ve seen some funny ones! Hit me up! 👍

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Ahh the things you find working in a bakery

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I told him many times not to climb on the chairs

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Too soon?

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Do you even lift bro?

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When flu hits hard, but you have to do your workout

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More Popular than Women's weightlifting

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Dem goat ankles

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Take that!

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Better grip? No problem

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66 points

Was searching for a 7-Eleven nearby in NYC

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Girls fashion early 00's vs. 2017. Low waist jeans on girls where did you go

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243 points

Look who I met at the gym!

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When you have 2 giant crabs


Don't drink and drive

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