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Every time

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My friend, a rope swing professional, falling into a 15 ft deep lake two summers ago

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Adam Martinakis, Puente

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24 points

So sad but lol

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21 points

Not jealous, just envy.

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84 points

You can't be angry at a puppa this cute

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16 points

Friend-zone : Level INFINITY

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24 points

Pretty please?

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It took a year for my uncle to evict a tenant, this is how she left the bathroom.

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My boy drying off.

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Canadian politicians know what's up

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Aloe Vera

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Little gray whale loves when him stroked

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Lumberton, TX 9/3/17

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15 points

Just admit it

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18 points

My friend captured the moment the wave came for a hug

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15 points

Him: Will you marry me? Her: No. Him: OK then

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21 points

That looks like a unicorn had massive diarrhea

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Next time you go to the bar

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