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When the lifeguard sends you down the wrong slide

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19 points

PS Battle: these frogs.

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6 points

Methane bubbles trapped in a frozen lake

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11 points

Expertly framed.

Preview fc96cda4 a0f2 42de a1e7 eb1db6f8b793

Shaky Shake

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Preview b31c1741 2d06 4db3 a004 f1ef891f4f40
19 points

Intense selfie

Preview cfdfc409 2be0 4ae3 8745 c183debd2ad2

This waterfall located in Romania.

Preview 712d1944 2979 4a34 823f 3ca6c04565e8
12 points

Just some sweat under the dead skin

Preview c57d27a0 e052 4ab7 8673 9c3e63553816
13 points

Shot heroin for 12 years. Today is 4 years clean. I get a tally every 23rd of July.

Preview e81c14d4 9729 4825 aecf 835717eb9af7
22 points

Condom grenade prank!


Found in the basement of a vacant, burnt building

Preview bc3a384a 2b2f 4e6b bbac e3268bf7436a
14 points

Hmm... well why not

Preview 0a9d00f1 24f1 4e35 8cc7 9765e32331be
2 points

Otherworldly Waterfall you can find in Romania (Bigar Waterfall)

Preview 7e6e86cc 21fd 4410 9ee5 f7c5ac20751b
15 points


Preview 29b6dc67 b33c 4eb9 a6dd 083ae057027c
61 points

I dont even know what to say

Preview b0239036 4497 4c67 8cff a394a6b34872
15 points

I managed to capture a perfect snowflake using my cell phone

Preview fc16755e c05d 46a1 8c62 7d10dbc37acf
18 points

What the hell would be the occasion for this stock photo series?!

Preview d59ba7ea 97ef 4008 87dc 3e0357a9b216
13 points

Missed by a little.

Preview e98bcd1d fb25 4a12 85f3 7e67d36c6ef8

My Dog Looking Insane

Preview 9b666bfc d32d 4267 854f e3acb92179c0
12 points

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