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Family photos by the sea...

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92 points

Boys and Girls

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127 points

A headless swimmer

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Duke's football coach David Cutcliffe gets a Gatorade bath

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Part of a series of photos by Lex Augusteijn, there are only a handful that exist and this is one of my favourites.

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A thousandth of a second

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99 points

The moment just before impact.

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I was feeling sad so I googled "frog" and found this picture of a frog straight up suplexing another frog I will never be sad again.

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46 points

Upvote cate

Preview a5a7f621 2ba5 4d2c bf7f d9d386216b38
77 points

Wish I was as cool as this doggo

Preview 8e6bca88 4531 45a8 81eb 8833efcc94fb
57 points

Flight Delay

Preview 2ae57f6f b363 404b bc4b ea17c99f028c

Too Soon Coke!

Preview b5a1ea5f fe90 43ca 89b0 c774d3b1dada
58 points

No, this wave (which is real)

Preview 9ec7008e a452 477d 809f f3fd3c7757d9
75 points

This one was caught off the east Australian coast by the researchers on the RV Investigator. It's like a little sea ghost!

Preview 34b7b9b7 6436 4ada 86ee b11624fef595
95 points

Labs turn into dachshunds?

Preview 58aebd37 dc41 4c1c ae66 893ecbd77d32
94 points

Ant Moving Water Droplet

Preview b52d2b2a 61d7 44bb a40d 471473ff3153
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Little brother enjoying Hawaii

Preview 7e2ade1a cf8b 44f1 b567 f0e09617763d

Every time

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