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"Uberpool" - Vietnamese style

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61 points

What's not to like about a bath in the street?

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101 points

OK dad

Preview 70c0886f e74b 4081 82df cd438994a2a6
125 points

Teaching kids to push their Ford trucks early!

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82 points

"I hope brandons grandpa getting stronger from his cancer. amen" they said

Preview f71c6b34 cd81 4c04 95c8 d865c9a1e874
90 points

"No" says god

Preview b6195a49 76ab 4f0e 8bbc 59bf87b91a93
66 points

It's a miracle

Preview 6e0ec603 35f4 476c 8059 580321aed17c
76 points

The naked truth about wonderful 2017

Preview 5b067c24 d579 4411 bbea 9f8f74840961
108 points

Some wise advice.....

Preview ee078e72 7428 4d19 bff0 706e6b34729d
81 points

This guys shirt this morning in traffic.

Preview 1c49502b f897 4b82 ae1f 3bbcf03cc38a
71 points

Nah whatever

Preview 20471034 c196 4760 8e2d 708bee09b07d
100 points

Always Chuck.

Preview cea0cf3a 56f7 4f32 80a8 142283e7d04c
41 points

This guy came into the VA hospital. The nurse looked up just as I took the picture.

Preview b03243ca bd86 417d 82dd 670d49f73757
58 points

God Answers Prayers of Paralyzed Boy

Preview def9f1fe ae74 4534 a1be 7d5ca2c089cc
67 points

This seat looks like it has tiny legs

Preview d587168d 70a1 446b b954 ba31ffe90938
44 points

No says god

Preview 18028b1d b2c2 43b6 8ec5 3ccd29c9626b
46 points

My boy, Stephen Hawking, back at it with the quality content.

Preview c4e47d46 f407 4650 9805 6c52b046b92b
69 points

Bicycle equivalent of how to park like an asshole

Preview eabcf149 a1ed 49d9 bec7 a6809bac7124
96 points

Savage Ed

Preview 74838c50 fdf3 4b3b b544 c14f7002423c
12 points

Awesome :)

Preview b1505a44 4792 4f7b a192 81bc1f334fc7
125 points

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