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Escaping the Wave

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110 points

“They see me Roman...they hatin’”

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105 points

When you run into a cloud of mosquitos at 80mph 😂

Preview fe92f5e2 aff4 4890 838d 375f7dd0799c
92 points

Yeah some people think so

Preview d4d8c42d 17c2 41ce b0e3 082790b142d3
73 points

Never know what you’ll come across in a small town

Preview df0db761 acf7 446d 86f8 9350cf12c82b
99 points

How did they get this picture when he was going so fast?

Preview d24e19ac 9aa6 42d6 abda 58968624f69e
128 points


Preview c102095b f48d 45d2 a410 5c1ce9734e22

Soooo I saw this in Venice beach... let’s walk in pairs

Preview 30d36205 426d 407e 9f44 57fdb7083e56
81 points

That’s one way of advertising...

Preview 06ef6d82 fd61 48ed befc 99df9f28b2fd
78 points

Spider Tea Party

Preview 62634b1b 5e3f 4f78 9d1a 4178c659104a
66 points

Just going for a quick drive in the Antarctic

Preview ab2c6a53 481e 4854 91ae a0b668a4ef42

The lifelike details. 100% accurate

Preview 43b7238f a4d5 4e4a 8bb3 9d8b90822d57
69 points

"I thought the machine wasn't doing good enough!"

Preview 2c233de4 4cf6 4ffd b303 4085ebb01821

This hummingbird was interested in his watermelon.

Preview 2554bc6c aa44 4d68 af17 3de433cdf762

I Have No Words

Preview 83f2d20b 8a03 441d a174 93b1640956cf
82 points

Someone's been torrenting

Preview bc1450e4 1f9f 4a05 94df 29f6b194653e
86 points

"Uberpool" - Vietnamese style

Preview 85d27f1a 0b07 4901 963f 8b06510c97cc
79 points

Construction camo.

Preview efc66d0d 7faa 4753 8b40 6c0437bfb7b3
93 points

Since the last one i uploaded got kinda popular, heres another one of my climbs!

Preview c127515c 6a32 424b 99fa 49063de3b1fb

Dont know of this counts here, but this is a picture from one of my climbs.

Preview 165c85ee f946 4429 b028 67d133c5b4c5

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