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It was secured with extention cords, lol.

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51 points

Praying Mantis tank. WW I & II obscure tech #01

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18 points

Sounds good, doesn't work.

Preview 364da090 fd42 4ed1 8457 738431e117e9
67 points

American soldiers arrived in Poland. In 4 days they had 3 road accidents...

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13 points

Somebody needs to stop playing in the dirt.

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6 points

More stolen from Target

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10 points

Well shit...

Preview b7bb86d6 009c 4482 8a53 0bb421eeac53
24 points

1957 Ferrari 250 Testarossa - speed and style

Preview c1122f8a e4af 4dc6 9132 10de24ead5ca
24 points

Transparent Aston Martin Transport

Preview 0dfdf91e 9e86 48bf 9c5f c450efa630ec
23 points

When progress and tradition integrate

Preview 97125683 57a6 4dcc b86f 211d63575a12

Laws in the Balkans are just highly recommended guidelines

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103 points

Sick Husqvarna, lots of riders on 9GAG?

Preview 71a03bb7 9b13 47d7 9713 56ad6181bdc9
17 points

Employee of the year.

Preview 12b7af56 574a 4afd 8779 c7c6fecd8a57
6 points

Ironic metro ad

Preview 68aeb07e ff82 49cb b439 2af83914b4a8
6 points

Saw this in the car park today...

Preview b3837813 b2b6 45c2 8620 21f7bf9e4ae4
9 points

Aluminum body Ford after a fire

Preview 9bf2673d e1a6 42fd 8d02 d75bf7061a65
7 points

I was drunk at the time, sorry fam

Preview fd5fed27 2dcd 4467 9c3e c41f81080464
5 points

I miss the good old Fast an Furious...

Preview 38830349 3dc4 4872 b7e7 bafca87929f8

School Bus Long Bed Edition

Preview 3ea32e24 9104 4197 9651 495467eedf64
9 points

Couldn't find a spot.. and Jesus wasn't helping.

Preview 1dccb611 fb03 499f a1cd e564345313c5
7 points

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