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My exes must have also been born on the highway.. because that’s where most accidents happen

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158 points

Is this legal?

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129 points

Top Gear asking the tough questions

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184 points

Tiger bursts to freedom after being rescued from a poacher's snare in the Russian Far East

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171 points

What could he possibly need that many Oreos for?

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175 points

Just imajine

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147 points

A mail truck, towing a mail truck, while a mail truck passes going the other way

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140 points

Attention! I'm sleeping. Please do not disturb!

Preview 9528a909 b158 45b9 a926 71f5279b873e

This handicapped handyman and his ladder

Preview 21c2340e e0a7 4fc1 94ba 23d77e24d8a1

Now what?

Preview 8e9c7549 1261 40ed 9997 7590b4df2a85

Party of 5

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128 points

Ridein solo

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144 points

Escaping the Wave

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145 points

“They see me Roman...they hatin’”

Preview 854b69eb 57a6 45cb 8c19 e196f8b73032
134 points

When you run into a cloud of mosquitos at 80mph 😂

Preview fe92f5e2 aff4 4890 838d 375f7dd0799c
130 points

Yeah some people think so

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93 points

Never know what you’ll come across in a small town

Preview df0db761 acf7 446d 86f8 9350cf12c82b
129 points

How did they get this picture when he was going so fast?

Preview d24e19ac 9aa6 42d6 abda 58968624f69e
145 points


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Soooo I saw this in Venice beach... let’s walk in pairs

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