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My new cat...yes he is a derp

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14 points

Good for you

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17 points

Purrfection 🐈

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15 points

This cat at my local rescue shelter has ridiculously long legs

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8 points

A bird flew *really* close to the window and scared her.

Preview 9957f0a2 5868 4fdc 89b9 130ea8175495
11 points

What is love

Preview d48ecfd8 f93c 49e3 8aff 175541a71c8f
46 points

Well well well

Preview 3287ee75 81e4 4b0e af29 f8df18a22ffa
14 points

Does anyone else's cat do this?

Preview 447c7cba 67c2 4897 9176 87edcfaf8a51
14 points

The lawnmower came too close to the house mid-lick.

Preview ea8bbb7e c90a 4fa6 8e1e 6243ba8dc7f7

When the lab rat ain't havin' your shit

Preview d87d9988 b04a 40eb 8030 bedc0b0eb175
12 points

Asshole Rat screws with science

Preview e8902bf5 5cd7 4af8 9225 2fb84466cf98
11 points

Recovered so well. Mashmello.

Preview 0ed02a95 6e6e 4285 9f86 082401e8a56b
64 points

Nee from the day she came home to almost a year later

Preview 675fcd9c c9e9 4ac2 984b a30ff373c479
11 points

WANTED: Cattsy Catteta

Preview af8f2c1b 4086 4a9c a465 76c1dc860f8f

Literally me

Preview 79d707e5 a815 4178 b6d7 e567084ed85e
1 points

When people say they want to get in shape for summer..

Preview 05b45664 154a 4b5b bdc4 31bb2cc74035
79 points

You dont have to be purrfect to be loved

Preview 79ad27cb 532f 405d 8529 7095e159891e

I've lost control on the cat.

Preview fc8333e3 997a 482c 82a8 6e8de69b08c3

Fixed my cats eye problem

Preview 74302083 6e8b 471f a32f 858c017e3df8
5 points

Jellybeans toes

Preview e7d5c270 73f1 48f9 b72c f974b87fee28

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