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Say hi to my handsome boy Vecihi.

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20 points

Mine too

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15 points

Sushi was not prepared for an up close picture

Preview c5688ca0 558a 4cdd 9f4b cafe16a38491
17 points

“don’t look to the sun”

Preview c98a335c d9d4 4805 b27d 86ea0c654ae1
15 points

Yup is real

Preview 6e8935bf 1334 424b a5d6 66210d3096f4
9 points

I need to punch a baby.. You know the reason.

Preview 7f6a9904 1822 4492 baa3 ed4b30fbf713
11 points

This kitten has seen some shit

Preview 84742dd5 e26d 4cf5 b1ce a2e31b0348c9
18 points

Meet Nina, she is always startled...

Preview 37ce86d8 7ab0 4183 a2cc caef2dff18e1
12 points

Could you spare some change

Preview 3aeeafc2 674f 48bb 9f97 a03590d39979
20 points

This cat remind me of Harvey Dent from Batman

Preview 6180e297 04f7 498b 9e4b ae7f736bf9db
16 points

This is Aleister.

Preview 7f4bd741 ba33 46a6 a869 c063400b8ce9
11 points

We can purr all night

Preview 64e99d81 f100 4fe5 9e34 d7f83e478952
16 points

I am taking a dump

Preview f5ec5b7c 49c2 4e02 8942 91bddb4921aa
17 points

Pointy doggo

Preview 596e9fb5 7d7a 4ea7 8856 b03a27fa1d4e
17 points

So fluffy fur-ball 🎈

Preview b5eb95a3 7a3b 46ac 8fd9 55a76224d38f

Dude this cat!!

Preview d7e1d16f 8f84 4c20 b3d1 e119452ccc6f
15 points

Photographer Diane Özdamar spent years photographing rats to break the negative image of them by taking cute magical pics

Preview 2337a3e7 c944 4f4a 97a5 bad153e9ec30
18 points

"I'm calling PETA"

Preview fe000b4a 2c17 455b 8a5a 215caf5e6f9f
19 points

Story of my life

Preview d858e004 3354 4066 bb41 fd645e5bc8ac
21 points


Preview 2198d35d c08d 4292 b7a2 fd99221d334f
14 points

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