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Look at what a 1.5 week of loving and medication can do

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22 points

Here your Daily Dose of Cuteness

Preview 2ba62771 aef7 469c b058 1ccee10ec2b8
18 points

Brushy brushy

Preview bf1c92eb 3da3 4672 8750 6d5ae2dd7cbf
23 points

When she tells you all the kinky stuff she'll do to you

Preview de079678 3720 4a10 a91a 595c4526e2a7
21 points

I sneezed.

Preview 94253d5e a5e5 4ea7 8232 a25ff623f2f9
11 points

Just a babycat

Preview 35d763d6 0fc1 4075 aac2 e07cb0d1f371

The day Izzy bought the hard nip...

Preview 75c5bc68 688c 4918 ac7c a7da69c5914f
19 points

Especially by focusing the details

Preview 88e0bee2 4ed3 4af2 b724 038b97771071
65 points

Cat recognizes his owner in a video chat

Preview 867fc11c ee84 4cc5 98f8 a13cc0e46d7b
23 points

I turned the vacuum cleaner on!

Preview 3e8d5bce c1dd 4b88 bcf8 23c668426c5b
12 points

Met my mum's new cat yesterday- she has some interesting markings

Preview 2d005b61 19a9 47dc b677 4b2dcd7fafca
23 points

I can't be the only one, it's ok if it's a bidet

Preview 21d7f301 1f5e 417e a73c 9dd36774df3d
22 points

What do you think about My cat Louie?

Preview 557ddd0a b96a 4334 8cdf 6a511ea64c46
14 points

This is Churro. I found him hiding behind a dumpster, scared, lonely, hurt and starving. Now he is a beautiful healthy and very loving cat!

Preview 08e216cb 033c 4b2e 99b8 db30a1042e94
22 points

My cat took a selfie

Preview 4897a0a6 da07 40c9 8a37 6f4ff3548a0c

Look, the lead singer cat for KISS

Preview 2dbbff79 aaa2 4eeb 9c80 eb94b40ddc83
20 points

Pretty little kitten with a flower crown

Preview 8617de0b 5598 4662 a6b1 085dfb7629d3
15 points

Daily dose of cuteness

Preview 8f8a9c50 74db 43bf a958 faa8ffe04953
19 points

Another pretty picture as a reward for browsing fresh. Have a good day

Preview da798dc1 c601 4100 9455 3c9d41fa777d
17 points

Found this homeless cat

Preview f7b4153d a646 4bc4 a3a8 80a670a17119
12 points

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