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I see your ruby and raise you my Arlo.

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180 points

It looked at me and than started to shit

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Rescued orphaned babies. Sprayed twice.

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Found this little guy in a museum

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84 points

I didn't know if to call the police or animal control

Preview 72af4665 e7c1 43dd 99ac 5ee15dbfcea3

Who says its not hot outside?

Preview 43982eb1 0068 42b3 8c5d 13b707287f23
159 points

This is Sparta!

Preview 1ef7cba7 65ad 4d66 ac48 f36202c80955
107 points

Robin about to take flight

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114 points

Just a bird catching a chip

Preview 1ccc5adf 2890 462f 9f92 9d57d489cc6b

I love you too :)

Preview ce639a19 6b32 4ef6 87d2 6974dddd63d7

Asshole elephant

Preview 78a7b44b a892 4024 925a 7d1b7100e92d

Even alpacas are better looking then me!

Preview 58018848 794a 415e a365 f8790f43778a
80 points

My favorite part :”D

Preview 74858c25 fab2 41f3 b92c c7716e121667
78 points

OWL ground you! I don’t give a hoot about your friends!

Preview 864f5d6d 787d 4d53 95a0 9fdb6b6da2ed
76 points

A girl and her pet

Preview f75c4c5e 9896 4f7c 87d1 5e5cedc2f7a5
65 points

Bald Eagle snatches a fox holding a rabbit...

Preview fa542bf7 ca43 44fd 9f3c 69c0d236a394

Bald eagle stealing a rabbit from a fox

Preview 7e5b8b50 6870 4094 bdbe 5663b3bc49d9

Summer time

Preview 2c745741 3304 4fa1 992a b56454d8cca8
80 points

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