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So happy that psycho cat isn't in the house....

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24 points

Expectations Vs Reality

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Only acceptable use of the selfie stick.

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83 points

Bald eagle having fun..

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When I was 12, I was attacked by a howler monkey in Costa Rica. My dad runs a tour and travel company down there, and I found this postcard on his rack...

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83 points

Right in the feels..

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75 points

Met Bubbles the elephant a few summers ago. She really took a liking to my Dad<><>

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"Nobody understands our love!"

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54 points

Snow day for Doge

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Finishing move

Preview cd53908a a431 478c 9187 fc3ce6656ba7

Dog slipping in mud.

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Massive cock on my ass

Preview 73f44553 31ff 4162 aefd df3d64bcbb61
51 points

Incoming at Alcatraz

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Butterflies sitting on Alligator

Preview 6ce716c0 b685 43fb ac1e 7def913f3856

Winnie-the-Pooh and Insanity Wolf too

Preview b4cf2896 059a 4cfb b0cf 90ad0466a90d
94 points

Oh Dear, that's some trophy!

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Who Wore It Better?

Preview a5203d2c 2c03 430d 9070 8a2207308095
66 points

Weasel riding a Woodpecker

Preview d2bca6ad fc60 486c 91c7 845b0cd6f9b2

Hilarious kittens fight

Preview be1def93 4cd0 4d54 88b3 02022c2fa014
46 points

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