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Just something to think about

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I'm an photographer amateur from France (Rouen) And here is one of my favorite photos, taken on my birthday ! My best gift !

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Yeah F**k That Guy.

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It’s near. Autumn vacation. I can smell it.

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He could save others but not himself

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Bear fishing

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Species doesn't matter, had sex

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Just disappointed

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Russian penguin

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Responsible bird

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I think the dog park broke my pup.

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Elk eating its own shed 'velvet', the vascular skin covering the antlers

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Capybara family

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So Fluffy im gonna diee!

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Took some shots of my lizard today, hope you guys like it

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My fishes

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Stock eating fish

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This tiny guy fell off a tree onto my arm

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A double-crested cormorant about to eat a fish

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Genuine breed, can rate 5/7

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