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Blue-Streaked Lories. 

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5 points

Cuteness overload!

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So cute^^

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12 points

This is what a pregnant ferret looks like

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11 points

Caught bread-handed

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Looks like they're going on a great adventure

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12 points

Munching on grass = Buck teeth

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10 points

When you're drunk af and start making friends with everyone

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16 points

Soooo cute!!

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Curly haired mountain gorilla

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8 points

The 3 types of roosters

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82 points

Here's a story for you...what episode are we on?

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16 points

Youve come to the wrong neighborhood motherfker

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12 points

How to design a cool chracter

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12 points

This hawk didn't fly away at all when I walked up to it.

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9 points

Cause this is thriller, thriller night!

Preview b5516953 e50c 4737 91ac 80e299ba3cc2
10 points

After spending most of my time in gym and talking to people....

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9 points

Mbeli, a Western Lowland gorilla with her baby at the Taronga zoo in Sydney.

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11 points

When I try to be smooth

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