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Unexpected love story

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18 points

The city just sent out the typical "if you're cold, they're cold" reminders to bring our dogs in when it's freezing outside. My dog's like...

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54 points

Such interactive movie, much EEEEK

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60 points

Egret regret

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Thank god bears have fur otherwise we’ve have these walking around in the woods

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68 points

I accidentally caught a drop of water bouncing up after a small splash by this reddish egret

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Well howdy pardner!

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71 points

That feeling you get when you're saving your species.

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78 points

Interspecies Friendship

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Majestic creatures

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74 points

Happens to the best of us

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73 points

This ocean isn't big enough for the two of us.

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Caught a heron mid-snack

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When your girlfriend says she's fat

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I mean, yeah this meme suck too because I'm bad, but I'm sure you people can do better!

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81 points

Loan Wolf

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68 points

Shitty Bird Shot

Preview d119da3a 84f8 4d27 bcff e1392f74616f

Cat chases off a fox

Preview de6e2baa 07c1 4439 8238 adb25a67dcdf

No one can hide the semester

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