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I'm a beginner photographer in France and here is my first photo with the king of the forest. I was very lucky that day !

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Hello darkness

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11 points

Hitching a ride with mama

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77 points

Just a loving mom.

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Photographer captured the incredible scene of the tiny ant hauling a huge bee

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12 points

Found this little guy.

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8 points

Look at this cute snow doggo

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11 points

So tired of...people.

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10 points

Seals getting their exfoliation on

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13 points

I don't enjoy smelling you from across the gym

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Here is a smiling alpaca for anyone that's having a bad day.

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Still looking for an answer I need a captain

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14 points

Finally some truth!

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Describe your post...

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9 points

Just realized

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9 points

23 weird and creppy facts

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15 points

Can I get upvotes for my first selfie?

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39 points

Mind. Blown.

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14 points

I'm 24 male asian

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