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Patient experiencing rare side effects during a clinical trial for Ambien

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161 points

I took an picture of my daughter playing clarinet in the marching band. I zoomed in and saw this guy.

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119 points

Are you even Queen if you don't come in every color?

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71 points

I Think I'm in the Wrong Class

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118 points

I will never not post this on Easter

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72 points

Porn hub today

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Seagull steals tourist's panino in Saint Mark's square, Venice

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105 points

Best foot forward

Preview 44a68c28 9eba 4b8a b537 4653acb0a88c

Sneaking in a quick snack

Preview 496e69d2 b462 4fe4 9e02 69b6d27ba52e
90 points

SpaceX in 2002

Preview 805a307d 5263 4a92 9bc2 03ce4692bd59
84 points

Accidental X-Men cosplay team

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79 points

This sign on the hand rails in a Florida riverfront restaurant.

Preview eeb4cf28 146e 4eca b56d 04f3a530bb75
67 points

Amerika logik.

Preview b82217ce 0bbc 4b08 bb6d 2bf44db12c0e
106 points

Hanz Getz kr flammenwerfer

Preview 3eca8c3d 6450 47f8 a2bf 3b4805363781
125 points

Just enjoying my all American breakfast

Preview 1076aca0 ae40 43f2 bbf8 f3bec01a9abb
127 points

Someone call an exorcist

Preview c08c510f c41e 4ee9 87c5 bd3fb18c09c3
125 points

When music is too good

Preview 6b499489 026a 4e24 af77 b1d77d352f1c
112 points

Me and my band drilled a hole in one of these and made it into a facemask bong like device

Preview 74221078 435b 4fd7 9348 11e3a5744ec1
131 points

Trust me, I'm an engineer!

Preview 297a777b 7574 4bb3 ab3d dd2369f03c26
156 points

It's end of 2016 and this guy is still alive

Preview e9e85f38 b119 4012 96d8 97b6da64ce9b
137 points

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