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Triple bed, London

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20 points

And so a war begins

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50 points

House in Hollywood Hills, California

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19 points

Another Gumtree ad don’t think i’ll get an answer!

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82 points

Dataisbeautiful user is asked about one of his sexual experiences.

Preview ec172ea8 f035 4d30 a84e 6925d392ecfa

Cozy open-concept guest home with panoramic forest views. New York.

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68 points

Breakups are tough

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I made my boyfriend a Spotify playlist with a subtle hidden message

Preview 0cf06764 dc2b 4043 9ef1 cd5a6ddd062b
74 points

Cipollino marble with blue-green veining in the master bath of this Manhattan townhouse

Preview 92ec3453 82ae 4116 af03 7e308ede1ad7
59 points

When Google make you colorblind

Preview fdde037c 551e 41c0 99b5 403b91eb96bc

Living in an apartment

Preview 49c84cbd b6ec 4fbe b567 3849a5bc2f84

The truth has been spoken...

Preview 5b1ad164 c0ee 4171 872a eaf6e87487b5
78 points

When 20 yr old accidently in a 10 yr old chat

Preview 6f6d1587 40d0 4ad6 ade0 9096f1c2d94b
106 points

Sitting room and kitchen of Surrey home, England

Preview 062c510a 8085 42aa 990a 2a718047613d
53 points

Modern living room in a lake house built into a grassy slope overlooking a secluded bay in Southern Quebec, Canada

Preview cc5e83f9 7e8e 4e2d 87db b1102bdfe3fa
19 points

Mid-Century inspired house in Palm Springs, CA, by Scrafano Architects

Preview f4d94e9f c210 4435 ab2e 5684f85fd9a5
49 points

Beautiful new construction house in Atherton, Ca

Preview 6907e8ca 1f82 450c 84f0 ecccd2c9ba05
59 points

Incredible penthouse overlooking downtown Beirut, Lebanon

Preview a8016192 5142 42ac 8212 3144a1cfe134
63 points

It is the third day since Oregonians have started pumping their own gas

Preview 4a751c14 c449 4edd 9fb7 d0f559f21743
82 points

Proud of how my living room has come together!

Preview cdd9d82a 2d5b 4a65 8cfb 9b8f6a573030
57 points

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