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"2's day"

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15 points

Because I am the best

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16 points

Dude's got a point tho

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12 points

Ahh, perfect timing by Reddit..

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15 points

Any ideas please

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10 points

Well that escalated quickly

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59 points

Saw his chance and took it

Preview 90f5436a 7397 4a51 9538 ceec42f2bdda

For real though

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7 points

Lil n*gga

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7 points

Be Patient

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10 points

Open airy apartment in Stockholm

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11 points

Black kitchen with concrete countertops and an industrial skylight/window in the Balham neighborhood of London.

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23 points

One always lies, the other always tells the truth.

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10 points

Your mom is drying her underwear again

Preview 24d3a781 bc7b 4ca4 8552 22ebc4bea141
14 points

Oh hey there!

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11 points

I have GPS helen...

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10 points

Autumn by the Lake in Cozy Screened Porch w/ Stone Fireplace - Lower Hay Lake, MN

Preview 365b701d 1ccb 4228 bf74 1047edeec474
11 points

Congratulations, you played yourself.

Preview 381374ff fe93 4bee 9492 543b66b15f62
11 points

Cabin's Pine glows warm from Sunlight filtering through Forest of Blue Mounds, WI

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