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Large kitchen and dining area features exposed brick, light oak floors and a long granite island in this home located in Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas.

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4 points

Old but gold

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10 points

Light filled living space of the 'Indigo Slam' residence. Chippendale, NSW, Australia

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9 points

When you've been undercover in the cate gang for too long and forget how to doge.

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Renowned jerk Artie and friends avoiding the puppy. :(

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Just my dream room

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13 points

Cuisine BOREALE Blanc Mat & REFLET Bleu Atlantique

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11 points

Today is the 22nd anniversary of when Homer Simpson started painting the car-hole.

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Snuck a picture of her in the window

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No, get out

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7 points

Overly attached dog makes a hole in the door

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Bamboo Home in Bali,Indonesia

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8 points

Private pool and balcony in a 3-story penthouse in Singapore. This penthouse is currently listed for $79M.

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8 points

Whats next? A female sherlock?

Preview b5f92509 e30f 4340 b00c 8574394b9097

Pizza guy's worst nightmare.

Preview cb8168a9 433d 4b95 9613 b4473301b0d7
156 points

Dinning room + swimming pool in Mitti Street

Preview 058261da f583 4fdf 83fd 78844a09d7ae
133 points

My years of gaming experience have taught me that there is a secret behind this wall.

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Whoever put this mannequin by the window has a sick sense of humor.

Preview daadd056 e1d6 43da a40a 08a840d855f8
1 points

Small Swedish apartment with a lovely retro feel

Preview 8ff94371 a788 4c22 b3d2 ad228167abb1
3 points

Kitchenette with plenty of natural light, located in São Paulo, Brazil

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