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Tree House, Cape Town, South Africa

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4 points

A black and gold room

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5 points


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5 points

House with views of the countryside in Slovenia

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10 points

"Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me."

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11 points

Light-filled kitchen shows off its oak skeleton in this home located in Reigate, Surrey, England.

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11 points

Best way to postpone execution

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18 points

Living Room View - Grotteria, Italy

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8 points


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Now I know how my pet penguin died

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19 points

Lonely af

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24 points

Gubba Nub Nub Do Rah Kah

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My poor nephew.

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Proof that in 2012 AI took over human existence and we have been living in the matrix ever since.

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58 points

Lau's has no time for this

Preview 1566c7b7 c02a 44a5 b1d3 789578a71dae

This made me go WTF!

Preview bb065b62 5e5e 47ac b67a b57ab9a48f42
22 points

Perfect GF doesn'.........

Preview b1b7a0b5 11dc 402f 8699 78f8023cd5a4
63 points

What are you angry about today?

Preview 3e8b98b2 4bdd 4036 bd39 255f6227d13a
56 points

What the hell is this guy thinking about technology... really burn him

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