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My dad is in North Carolina. Here’s his response to hurricane Florence.

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136 points

A very funny way to mess with someone who asks for nudes.

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176 points

Billiards with a view, Lake Tahoe, NV

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88 points

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean from Mount Maunganui 1024 x 683

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77 points

Living room with a fireplace surrounded with woods on a sloped lake shore, Quebec, Canada

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76 points

Lingerie doesn't come in ounces

Preview e9ba3db2 f1e2 4fb0 98e4 a4fee1cafef8
190 points

Under the stairs wine storage design by Brandon Architects

Preview 525a3c74 e6c0 4f2e b642 85bde17a2041
161 points

This must be Tom Cruises earliest Mission Impossible?

Preview e9b88d2a 3352 4071 a87f 7460e840b37c
136 points

Palazzo Chupi, Greenwich Village NYC

Preview 793cc541 f9c7 4725 a176 16b835261151
74 points

Cute nursey room in New Jersey by Kristin Ashley Interiors

Preview 25c00955 a2e0 4c36 a288 0b09326207d0
55 points

Home Office 3D Render

Preview 13b347d8 40f0 4e46 9631 1ae18da750fc
72 points

Simple and low-lying living space in a small cottage with a view towards the sea in the wilderness of Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Preview fc290201 afeb 4c31 bb96 5f36dcd66d47
119 points

Spacious double height modern living room opening up to a patio by the pool in a wooded neighborhood, Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York

Preview 184e87d7 65c3 4258 a70b 4e2f3a7f4c58
70 points


Preview 1b0f15be 6270 46a8 ba83 dae9c4d5f39f
151 points

This Compact Cabin in Ontario, Canada

Preview 66284a40 8740 4d39 bea3 4b5628342a97
123 points

A bath fit for a Pasha in Hawaii. The candlestick, the wall panels, the toiletries.. 1680 X 1120

Preview 4d6a6c8f b8d6 41fd 8386 478ee66535f4
145 points

Winding Staircase

Preview ed38c1a0 e10b 4ff3 ac55 bf43631b880a
98 points

Seriously though what’s the hold up

Preview 14e76e41 c591 4bc3 825f 20248d574c7b
141 points

Living Room in Salt Lake City

Preview 1853871b 7667 458d a90c 0b5140902cfc
87 points

My Loft

Preview ce32b624 1e76 4857 b216 dad7f425c315
109 points

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