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Saw this and laughed, hope you do too

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143 points

I’m disappointed, King James.

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123 points

The universe thanks you YouTube.

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75 points

The ultimate comback

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167 points

Every time!

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301 points

Gmail filtered their own message into spam

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124 points

College = Apollo 13

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163 points

After 9 months with me, this is how my phone wants to start every sentence.

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127 points

Omegle Virus Prank.

Preview ff3bb65a c1ef 46eb a3af 23cb751fb4f7
174 points

When you’re so damn lazy that even an app can detect it.

Preview 8fcebe79 ef9f 44bb aa65 a1ddfeb20bea
253 points

I have to say, the words that your phone recommends for you can be hilariously disturbing sometimes.

Preview 2df5ee2e a666 4774 867d 4dcd2bd9a07c
138 points

So I was gonna rent the black panther movie to watch and I saw this

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125 points

Bedroom in historical house in Vienna

Preview ebfd2402 9261 4c4a 9e9d 87a67729a258
113 points

Youtube link

Preview d5679c85 9bcb 456f 9279 5525a91e8149
115 points

Two videos uploaded at the same time, same game, both first episodes, nearly the same thumbnail, but different channels.

Preview 37025249 2f82 4de9 b23a f6e65ff866f4
121 points


Preview 892fbdf8 080c 4624 bff9 7faf555f744b
131 points

When you send Dennis Rodman onto CNN to plug your site and fucked up on your hosting

Preview afa83736 0a82 4726 8e5d bb1036f33761
112 points

Feedback gladly excepted

Preview 68bf88fe 179d 4b7a a481 cba90cbaecf4
95 points

Cantilevered bedroom with a view in a waterfront retreat nestled into the wooded shorelines of San Juan Islands, Washington

Preview 9d1e0266 d840 48b5 8671 280fe47843b7
75 points

Chill modern living room overlooking the river in De Pere, Wisconsin

Preview a039ba3f d0c5 45e0 9167 7e0ee51b8f30
67 points

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