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Have a nice day

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177 points

Best place to put a door

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161 points

Ski lodge with a breathtaking mountain scenery, Lech, Bludenz district, Vorarlberg, Austria

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135 points

Open living area with double-height ceilings and marble floors in this home in Perth, Australia.

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136 points
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Nordic kitchen with fabulous wallpaper in Gothenburg, Sweden

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89 points

Room with a View

Preview bd20a5a2 3313 4dde 998d 0ef3f90e4958
90 points

How to stay relaxed in traffic

Preview 5dc79f09 ab69 4720 b303 a412c5af67a2
94 points

Modern lounge room in Melbourne, Australia

Preview 8301519d 5ab1 45e3 a985 65e2bc0b21fe
107 points

Living room in Alexandria Ave, Los Feliz

Preview f4ace58e 7508 4143 991f c0838e03e6bd
77 points

Architect office with a delta style 3D printer building a maquette

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91 points
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Preview e68928fc 5057 4c48 9d42 faed9d3a7765
123 points

Spacious and bright living room in Tel Aviv, Israel

Preview 7f346f44 7511 44c1 b442 5f60d875775b
113 points

We have a new dog. The cats are not happy.

Preview 22f14b91 423f 4b69 9032 0a0d7f4a5a88
94 points

Living room with windowed walls and high ceiling, Whistler, Canada

Preview 616be39f cab4 4595 9b5c f51c37a9953f
105 points

Dominating, dark wood bedroom loft boldly contrasts clean, white Farmhouse | Austin, TX

Preview 18a0cbe7 36db 4a95 aa0a 6f9e6eb30d39
186 points

Wooden Living Room - Lorne, Australia

Preview b852ed07 2118 4d9c 9051 1dcf3e46457c
162 points

Living room. Karl Kamrath House

Preview e3806555 92dc 45a6 907e 65cafc90404b
118 points

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