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Professor just started updating the course site and added this photo

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73 points

The shit you see driving around Washington D.C.

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16 points

The one photo in my collection that ALWAYS makes me laugh

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37 points

They let anyone drive.

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22 points

As a parent pushing 40, I've never related to a bumper sticker more...

Preview 223a0ec4 f9e6 4f45 af64 96541ad6bcf6
85 points

Can't trust anyone these days...

Preview 01714211 2623 43a5 80be 800b2f2f1cb9
21 points

When you think you took a selfie but found a cinematic movie set instead

Preview 4356635b fdc6 4b13 b884 724703715be6

A coworker left this little bird in their grill for three days before cleaning it out.

Preview 32e04cc6 155f 4057 a1c7 38bf5f3e6b2d
22 points

Dragon River

Preview 91f9ce0e c432 43cb ac34 af59e3a6bc4a
16 points

Snow tossed at me in a heart shape.

Preview 05009129 c9d6 4c43 9d67 d9b1c7f193f1

My friend’s subaru spotaneously combusted

Preview cfed0b64 323e 4146 9381 3b6966d8a9f2
23 points

He tied a tablet and a phone to his steering wheel. Note the ticket in his hand

Preview 208b0297 80ac 45a0 8fa9 8ce5fafa623f
65 points

He's coming for ya

Preview c88c73c8 a87d 4ca5 b2b8 4feed3522dc0
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Preview 60f055af 3107 431d 834d 622462bf56dd
39 points

Saw this lonely man on my way to work

Preview c9cd24b0 25cd 4a5b 96f1 a10990f89a62
87 points


Preview e1744d28 5a6b 43ac 9dd5 75c36cc358fc
21 points

Where I live in Norway right now

Preview 763d2ef7 99c9 47ae ba3b ecfde92fc4f0

Florida right now

Preview f57ee3a0 b5d6 49d7 a467 f0782bfcf12a
23 points

Das is a sleeper

Preview 2bb5f423 687f 4539 b1d2 d3515f3a41e4
92 points

When you don't follow instructions...

Preview 653609db e8c8 4a8d 9112 c53ca1f9a465
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