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This car parked next to me.

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88 points

Why, Though??

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83 points

All of Elon Musk's other cars now

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70 points

This pigeon who lives in the parking complex at a hospital.

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When you accidentally use Apple maps instead of Google.

Preview f30462ec 0eeb 4a30 9fb3 94c1ce3ffc69
63 points

Very bad people !

Preview ae40a067 c7ce 483f ac76 b2125276ff76
90 points

This car filled to the brim with trash, with a barely accessible driver's seat.

Preview 7353be86 adab 4542 9420 1490a671079f
76 points

Spaceman in his Tesla, looking away.

Preview 2e228f13 5332 4e52 9db2 1378afe54dd1

Momentary terror when I saw this in the car window. Took a while to turn around and see why...

Preview 36a94f6c 6dd1 490a b1d2 5e7b0d38c56c

The picture NASA didn't want you to see

Preview 993f4540 bd61 4266 b270 698a7f1b4452
88 points

We live in Alaska. It was negative 6 degrees outside...

Preview db64c779 b276 44eb ac6d d8cafe236b6a
85 points

Professor just started updating the course site and added this photo

Preview b9f93fc5 27c6 4f96 ae47 3c7ca4839dfb
86 points

The shit you see driving around Washington D.C.

Preview 292951df a6cc 47a4 8efd a525ceefb393
24 points

The one photo in my collection that ALWAYS makes me laugh

Preview b91b4abf ea5f 4b2a a621 b0de251c62f3
44 points

They let anyone drive.

Preview 7a1a4665 4dc9 430d 89f3 240ceadf5e43
57 points

As a parent pushing 40, I've never related to a bumper sticker more...

Preview 223a0ec4 f9e6 4f45 af64 96541ad6bcf6
91 points

Can't trust anyone these days...

Preview 01714211 2623 43a5 80be 800b2f2f1cb9
24 points

When you think you took a selfie but found a cinematic movie set instead

Preview 4356635b fdc6 4b13 b884 724703715be6

A coworker left this little bird in their grill for three days before cleaning it out.

Preview 32e04cc6 155f 4057 a1c7 38bf5f3e6b2d
63 points

Dragon River

Preview 91f9ce0e c432 43cb ac34 af59e3a6bc4a
22 points

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