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Somebody going to have trouble finding their truck at the boat ramp

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109 points

Look who's taking the picture

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158 points

This guys van...not heard is the crazy music and massive exhaust leak...

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110 points

So fuckin true

Preview 5fc24882 1e92 4cea b1c0 a42e2e3039cd
89 points

I'm guessing he tells people "My Volvo is built like a tank..."

Preview b9b565d3 56fa 4c24 bc9f 18b7f41c9492
112 points

I think I found Sid from Toy Story's car.

Preview ed409646 ae8a 455a ae11 6df9ca216afd
81 points

I drove past this the other day

Preview 8edfd10a 956a 4a19 9a90 65b2c4f4ed27
104 points

Green vehicle parking only...

Preview f8146575 f2e1 4db8 af17 ba2562b8627c
102 points

Pulled up beside this car

Preview c173748e e15e 40f8 b29e 41a7247e59ae
117 points

That is my worst dream

Preview 3381ab3f 826e 45b7 98d0 b0041e18178e
130 points

I drive an 'old man car' so I decided to get an appropriate sticker...

Preview 1c44c691 aa97 42fa a3d3 c13639fd3e35
115 points

This car parked next to me.

Preview d558050d 10dd 4d0b b3ac a32ac7866c87
133 points

Why, Though??

Preview 88043f7a a793 4f31 bb38 113cf112436a
96 points

All of Elon Musk's other cars now

Preview 276ec289 6fd1 47e3 83b5 4cf408d0521a
112 points

This pigeon who lives in the parking complex at a hospital.

Preview d4206d5c 569f 4e0b 8e66 25be0e1504f1

When you accidentally use Apple maps instead of Google.

Preview f30462ec 0eeb 4a30 9fb3 94c1ce3ffc69
118 points

Very bad people !

Preview ae40a067 c7ce 483f ac76 b2125276ff76
128 points

Thanks Elon for giving us the proof!

Preview 09114ab4 8bcf 4a76 b023 be00ae4fb7a0
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Preview 9dfce130 8994 42cb b0cc 3f04a24dc3b1
104 points

This car filled to the brim with trash, with a barely accessible driver's seat.

Preview 7353be86 adab 4542 9420 1490a671079f
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