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I couldn’t stop saying it and Made me giggle in my seat!

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173 points

Look who's taking the picture

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152 points

He had to adjust his "viewing flap" for a few minutes before he could make the right on red.

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107 points

Saw this guy driving out of the Home Depot parking lot yesterday

Preview bc2f8f17 02e5 44c6 b1b2 4a83c343eeaa
131 points

Get in

Preview 530f5ac9 c0ff 49a0 9ba2 06d82f5b2395
108 points

This painting made me sh*t with bricks.

Preview 57ebe0cb d4fd 40d1 b3be 8d05f3be440d
124 points

Fog on the interstate.

Preview f09d91ae c11d 4918 b593 8ae258cd55e2

This pigeon who lives in the parking complex at a hospital.

Preview d4206d5c 569f 4e0b 8e66 25be0e1504f1

Very bad people !

Preview ae40a067 c7ce 483f ac76 b2125276ff76
121 points

Wanted to take a picture of the landscape, got this instead

Preview 8c084a13 fc79 43e6 9f3f 9ece81844175
110 points

Useless Service: Un-Handyman

Preview 4968a803 c3bf 40ed 8e08 6682cba9e7b4
178 points


Preview 80a3cfd3 e347 4e71 ab09 aa2e1c3ed2e3
111 points

When sex is life and you use your butt plug as your car decoration

Preview a4d889d5 f172 44b4 b48a 95f0fe204327
144 points

Why you don't want to leave a freon canister under your rear window

Preview ffd4353f c656 424e 8156 50151ceb1462
110 points

Nothing to see here! Drove into work and saw this outside the office building. The guy casually smoking a cigarette. Looks like he hit someone and fled the scene.

Preview e0acb438 cff2 4f62 8372 2e61603882eb
224 points

Y u do dis?

Preview 12a211e9 a6d4 4e06 9685 418dbf2542cb
102 points

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