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Found my cat drunk af!

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16 points

Craft beer

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22 points

PLAYING PORN NOISES DURING A PARTY?! \ Jay-z concert footage ✔️


Party hard

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20 points

The Lord works in mysterious ways

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102 points

Lovingly fooling you with our packaging...

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1 points

Swiss who?

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1 points

Jesus, my favourite Jew.

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4 points

I hope they die first in the zombie apocalypse.

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Here, have a post with free pornographic related tags

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24 points

Anytime now

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Jennifer Lawrence Invites You To Go Wine Tasting With Her!


My southern husband objects to the soda I bought

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4 points

My fathersday gift, what do you think?

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6 points

Inverted Perspective

Preview bf470648 8894 43fe 93a2 d90b12b61371
13 points

In Italy, I found this beer that was totally out of mein comfort zone!

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16 points

Inverted Perspective

Preview f3e2fa46 f35b 4fe3 ac34 99b3d629fb27
13 points

Proud to be slav

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19 points

Meals ready to eat.

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