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He could save others but not himself

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9 points

This great shot.

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17 points

Leaving my hometown today

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14 points

My fishes

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15 points

Well done Mom.. you just saved 7$..

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74 points


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18 points

Eclipse on a Bird's Wing

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After seeing the curly haired horse I looked up other curly animals and found this pigeon...

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16 points

Master Plan

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19 points

The fly flying machine

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18 points

Wasp riding a cicada

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94 points

Tiny witch

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17 points

Know the difference

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1 points

Relaxing on the wing of a glider, then jumping off.


Checkmate, Atheists!

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23 points

Chicken pooping on another chicken's head.

Preview 142fba49 ce49 4fc9 a146 abe82aecceb2

My dad took this at EAA, told me it was "mere luck"

Preview 08cfef13 7b6c 4322 a28a 74c28ef0d12b

It amazes me that the Antonov 225 can even get off the ground!

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