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Checkmate, Atheists!

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17 points

Chicken pooping on another chicken's head.

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My dad took this at EAA, told me it was "mere luck"

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It amazes me that the Antonov 225 can even get off the ground!

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3 points

Photographer captured the incredible scene of the tiny ant hauling a huge bee

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13 points

Sarcoramphus papa

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7 points

This butterfly is a bilateral gynandromorph: literally half male, half female.

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64 points

This is fine... (I waited long enough, its my turn now!)

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12 points

Ladybug wind surfing

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11 points

F**king green herons

Preview 11a7bd2c 8cbf 4b77 84ac c79cf0ae05b7
61 points

Ant lifting a bee five times its size

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69 points

Luna Moth

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1 points

Who did it?

Preview 13d6d3ba c39b 4adc 8d72 4e6c0444b582
1 points

The whole purpose of Angry Birds is to crash into shit, right?

Preview ee77b400 baaf 4d37 b143 2808b3955a63
6 points

Oh shit...

Preview 5fcbadbc 268b 42b8 ae5f 263fc8447a73
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183 points

I'm still alive motherf**ker!

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152 points

Do all woman react like this?

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303 points

Ninja Bird Fight

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