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This looks like a dangerous situation

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Leafs-Hurricanes game

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Guy make a sculpture from ice and cows' heads

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22 points

Gandalf in Minnesota

Preview 2edade7b ebe9 4f06 ab4b 16e0d9290fe9

Sound of the perfect thud

Preview a491618e e978 4e05 a676 2af8e5938104

Out from the woods he comes...

Preview 979e65b5 6825 4b37 ac69 dda31598d60f
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Scared by sledding jump

Preview cd4adf27 8c42 4cee 92e4 0a84c701990d

No. 👏 More. 👏 Tents. 👏

Preview 8842a128 afef 445b 994c 98cc84cfc711

Touch the sky.

Preview d2ceda64 ca0a 46b7 bc20 923409ce3a69
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I climbed down a very dangerous and muddy hill to take this shitty, blurry photo, so please enjoy the Cookie Monster face I found along the Mississippi River.

Preview 9c0ca8fd f429 42f7 9d1b fbf8bf8529a6
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Italian tree

Preview c0fd7abe 81f8 4b55 ad0f e66b0515f4d8

Not mine

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Who reads this

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22 points

Seriously what the hell

Preview 8beeb6fe 3ff8 483c b728 3851f1987394

I'm not sure that's a coyote, but still, it's cute

Preview 7e37062c 8d99 45ea 92d5 55e317123dbc
88 points

Make what great again?

Preview 673a4cad 625d 43f3 9ba0 c41e9958fa2d

The Last Flash you'll see!

Preview 611dbd26 1ac5 4a41 a496 c2a0b93b789a
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October and its already snowing

Preview f843ab4f 03bf 416e a52e 46157ee70e43

A truck snow angel

Preview 47a9d89c 47d0 44ca 8b40 c039c41975e1
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