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How anyone can dance on thriller ?

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8 points

I miss good old Fast and Furious

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12 points

My camp site last night

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6 points

Falls of Iceland

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8 points

Well he's not wrong

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17 points


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10 points

Bird buzzing by me. Zoom for full effect.

Preview 7752f10a 494a 4d33 81ce 618900fca6c0

A black man in snow feeding white swan in black water

Preview d0a02971 fb52 46e5 ae57 68e52e69582b
12 points

Hermione Granger cosplay by Sladkoslava

Preview b45a21f6 db4e 4bc7 a7a2 04c1ae1c0d99
22 points

Don't have a cow, but....Miss Betsy needed a warm place to sleep for the night...

Preview e8919cf1 0cb9 4c6a 85fd 8ffd5b83c99f

This picture (not mine) from lastnights thunderstorm in Finland is serious wallpaper material.

Preview 5e1655e6 4e1f 4aa2 aa8a bfdf4afc8f0f
78 points

Get your own pizza!


A town in the desert

Preview c53dbdb8 de19 4f30 842f d28b33f1ee34
8 points

It' funny though, that the moon and soon from our perspective approximately the same size

Preview e2b4033f da73 48d2 80ca 8e16726e4510
11 points

Well, he's not wrong

Preview b3d82ae9 b0ea 407d b0a6 a9f156436e98
13 points

A dance amongst decay

Preview feef5a0a 4c58 4619 9454 2f53c01450e1
10 points

Adorable balls of floofs

Preview 06f620f2 42bf 4c6a 9449 254572e2ce93
15 points

Cheer up ice birb !

Preview 9a955a99 3c38 4716 9264 4279a2f0d5f2
23 points

Amazing photo of totality in Oregon by photographer Jasman Lion Mander.

Preview ceb2dbf6 0bd3 4a57 9339 d6b7936bad95
19 points

This deer

Preview e66fb8c5 4bd8 46a6 bacf 758c8e7eb4da

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