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Oh boy, Christmas carols just ain't what they used to be.

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There was a popular fad in the 1920s called flagpole sitting where you would - well, sit on flagpoles for multiple days

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update: the grease didn't work

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98 points

Heavy snow in Russia

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48 points

This needs a repost

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74 points

Recess back in the 1900s

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69 points

The (almost) total eclipse as it traversed the sky

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69 points

Line maintenance

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57 points

Well at least they took the time to update it? (Found at Alki)

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133 points

Music is everywhere

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62 points

Just a typical powerline junction in Thailand

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17 points

Just a typical powerline junction in Thailand

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24 points

Tons of stacked power lines in Bangkok

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10 points

Deathtrap - Explanation below...

Preview be5a6197 e031 4452 b13c 67a837b0cc80
12 points

Just a typical powerline junction in Thailand

Preview 5bf5361b 311d 4b66 abe2 4e57d2f8bc3d
22 points

My buddy is a mail carrier and found this mailbox

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16 points

IT help desk "punisher"

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81 points

The right way to store your cables

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17 points

Poor guy

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143 points

These cables.

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