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The city just sent out the typical "if you're cold, they're cold" reminders to bring our dogs in when it's freezing outside. My dog's like...

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82 points

Loan Wolf

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75 points

No one can hide the semester

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66 points

Hey humaaan, I'm from Australia

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24 points

Would have been $40k with books

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54 points

I Am King!

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My cat got accepted to Hogwarts. Wish him luck, boys.

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Now shut the f**k up

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I'm not sure that's a coyote, but still, it's cute

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Not disappointed.

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Ozzy Man Reviews On "Game Of Thrones" Season 7 Episode 7 Is So Hilarious (Spoiler Alert)


Poor doggo

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I love wildlife pictures

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126 points

Feels bad "Dawg"

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Cause this is thriller, thriller night!

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24 points

Borrowed but this forest doggo is going to hot

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She always gives me serious looks when I clean her kennel.

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50 points

Much wow

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Just in case u having a bad day

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