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If White Walkers Were Teenage Girls, They'd Probably Be The Funniest And Most Traumatising Thing You Ever Seen!


Same time next week

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The feeling of a woman's boob reduces a man's ability to think clearly 50%............. per Boob

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I'm not jealous :)

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Before and after bunion surgery. Feet are weird

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Aaron Paul confused by fashion

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They went from hot to "I want to talk to the manager"

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Thats how I've always done it

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Attack of the butterfly

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Coming up with boner puns is hard

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True lmao

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True.. true..

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gfs hand... spiral fractured metacarpal with external pins

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Da hell is that!?

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In case you wondering about emma watson in a latex suit.

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I know a legend when I see one cr:sggag

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Photography By David Dubnitskiy

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Ron and Draco

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It works both ways

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You either die with long hair or live long enough to lose it.

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