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Y u do dis Arergurn?

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2 points

I just told you he's gone

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6 points

True that

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7 points

Just another way to use it...

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5 points

Russia is number one exporter of insanity!

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5 points

Isn't it heart-warming?

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13 points

Medical students taking a selfie at the end of their studies

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12 points

Life is unfair!

Preview ae5f1828 4a01 4d85 8a6f 87911b0aca75

Lit shit boi

Preview adf85822 e95a 4fcb bbcf a6262bd8fd2f
28 points

World War II Paratroopers shown sitting across themselves in the same plane that dropped them into Normandy in 1944.

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20 points

Man, I don't miss being a teenager.

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16 points

Japanese Photographer Makes Absolutely Breathtaking Vacuum-Sealed Wedding Photos

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18 points

Avril Lavigne jogging

Preview 9dbff4b3 0a3b 4db0 8492 c23600f9d389
15 points

Let the truth be told

Preview 09f22fcf c6d5 4e4b ad27 f1cda8e129a9
20 points

There's no denying it.

Preview ea8daae2 2ab8 49bf bb35 c6c0550b44e8

Avril Lasagne

Preview caea04e3 5b99 46dc 81b2 48c2d94a4a37
14 points

How do you talk to girls?

Preview bb54b954 2802 4f4c adfd ae7146a42fc8
15 points

There Are Two Types Of Men

Preview e45d6d96 1a13 4c0f ad56 5977bd5d98fa
15 points

This cosplay though

Preview c8bd6138 e43c 4f5f 8b82 0316467bc5ed
19 points

Actual photo of me waiting for my daughter to finish her homework.

Preview 422c71c1 055b 498b 8c2c bdd183ecfa0c
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