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The Tale Of The Wooden Pickle Prank Call

104 points

Lady Has A Leaking Ring Problem Prank Call

118 points

THE gold digger prank!!!

143 points

Scooter driver helping a woman catch her runaway horse


Lazy slouchy model

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180 points

I WAS gonna practice on my keyboard today.

Preview 60a5d62b abd9 46c3 8185 2946ee78be42

When you walk into your bachelorette party and find out your sister made all your friends wear a mask of your fiancé's face! This is nightmare material, right here!

Preview c94b87bb d848 489c aa7f cf06ebe34fd6
189 points

The One.

Preview 3d5da2f1 ca34 4064 997d 29ad0023eafa
177 points

It is the third day since Oregonians have started pumping their own gas

Preview 4a751c14 c449 4edd 9fb7 d0f559f21743
158 points

Raise a kid with loads of love and they reward you with flattering Snapchat posts of you

Preview 93eeba28 ad74 4c1e bff9 da3c301f1adf
125 points

Perfectly timed selfie- the water is NOT that deep there

Preview 3704b6e3 765c 4bca 8d18 0b5214412965
201 points

Must be a nightmare to sing happy birthday to her

Preview 232f1b2e 8eac 415e a4b6 c9a3ab7f001a
153 points

Glitter don't care, glitter get everywhere.

Preview 7d28bfff 14e4 4327 ad35 41e99cff3532
144 points

This man dressed up as EA for Pax south. Was kicked out 5 minutes later.

Preview 3ce2c157 c9b4 4939 b3d4 88ac93ba0787
151 points

When yo pirate friend wants to join in.

Preview eb9e1ae5 c614 44b5 a3c2 6af480487ba8
172 points

Reddit needs more Frasier

Preview 3f92b66e e23a 4c33 a3cb 4728ba9be262
104 points

She looks like she wants something

Preview a943134e c70d 432a b6dd bafc0e11affa
136 points

Happy day everyone

Preview f1e95551 1581 4e22 bc77 bd51ca90c2df
158 points

A Very Metal Christmas

Preview a9f98f39 828e 44c5 bdc4 1ba5c23bdc9f
111 points

Photographer adds a “filter” to family portrait.

Preview 52e386c8 9cfd 438d ab63 26264ec1b0dd
112 points

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