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Kitchen and BBQ area, Brazil

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21 points

House in Hollywood Hills, California

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18 points

Living and dining area of Oak Residence in Quebec City

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21 points

Me in the winyter vs me in the summer

Preview e7fbe710 b4ef 45f6 b931 b8dca6c675fa
78 points

A tree just fell on my poor office mate’s brand new car

Preview e3725929 fc13 43ef 9480 904a2b9f7bcc
65 points

Sitting area features tall vaulted ceiling with exposed joists in this apartment in Amsterdam which dates back to 1615.

Preview 5dee3d4a 6407 40dd 8e17 c3fd742d0abc
51 points

Smoke formed a perfect 2

Preview 05192878 3b0e 4417 82b9 9f6414dae0fb

Bedroom with a forest view

Preview 17686cbd 08cf 4be4 83e7 27d35799235e
53 points

Breakfast nook for a large family overlooking Montana mountains near Big Sky.

Preview fa5b0387 6ce4 4612 8800 046b443cc873
54 points

A field covered in spiderwebs near flood waters in Wagga Wagga, Australia

Preview 704e6ea3 3388 493a b786 1a5157a40e7b
67 points

Living Room in a custom home in the Mountains of Utah

Preview 2b2ad9bb b45e 4ac1 8af3 6cb68dc0d5d4
44 points

Wouldn't want to get some shade under this tree......can you spot them all???

Preview 48979464 602a 4735 b5a7 8e46208a28b0
60 points

Snek came inside, I don’t know why, but 3 little kitties just helped snek die.

Preview 5202fb59 8306 4512 bdd0 0822f4c394ea

My friend's Apple Watch background

Preview c3462598 494e 4fe5 864a f5408c8e176a
24 points

Jenga was pretty intense tonight

Preview b8410f65 c75d 43b1 9e31 17091a6f2668

Ah Roger, my kinda guy

Preview 77e4b866 0f56 4728 b18b add97ec08580
51 points

Knapphullet in Sandefjord, Norway

Preview 57382a02 1e3b 45a6 9957 7e340d182455
19 points

A fine asshole indeed!

Preview dfa1122c b455 45a6 b22c 131410ad8a5a
41 points

Wood bedroom in a retreat in the wilderness, Bigfork, Flathead County, Montana

Preview e7d98221 3c73 413b 8ac1 1a19fb320ad2
13 points

So real

Preview c92329dd 12d3 44dc 812d 98656e18782a
45 points

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