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A foggy, but beautiful morning walk.

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I'm a beginner photographer in France and here is my first photo with the king of the forest. I was very lucky that day !

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That last step is a bit tricky

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Open airy apartment in Stockholm

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That awkward moment when a goat has a nicer house than you do

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They keep staring at me!!

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Can't keep them all... all is well

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Just a loving mom.

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67 Jaguar I got for 20.00 at a garage sale.

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I'll just sleep here

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Anyone know what kind of hummingbird this is?? Asking for a neighbor...

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New world's longest suspension bridge, Charles Kuonen in Switzerland, spans 1,621 feet and is 279 feet high

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Just out for a walk with the dog

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Autumn by the Lake in Cozy Screened Porch w/ Stone Fireplace - Lower Hay Lake, MN

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An autumn point of view

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Cabin's Pine glows warm from Sunlight filtering through Forest of Blue Mounds, WI

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I make magic baseball bat for my friend

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Open living space with views of the redwoods in Ross, CA

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Ummm shit?!

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