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Excellent storage idea

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248 points

Tree struck by lightning caught fire from inside

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158 points

That perfect reflection...

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164 points

True words indeed...

Preview eaf0f272 a887 4c3a 8941 d9b9cc1f5d63
162 points

I wonder what the code is

Preview f5743f0b 2e0d 40c2 8bb5 0dca8529bac8
262 points

Good old times

Preview 6c0b7924 e6bb 4b2b 8440 d59d017b799e
242 points

Have a nice day

Preview 829c0e89 80fa 4f4b a0a8 2b713e35ea3d
181 points

This guy

Preview fe452ac8 9e27 40af b3fe e245728b391e
113 points

Who else hates this kind of earphones?

Preview fda4ed6a e139 4710 b38f 8a69151cecc4
98 points

So much pain in one picture

Preview f43889fe fac1 4d44 a9a3 99b9b2b41c83
119 points

If You Want To Challenge Yourself, Try This Aztek Jigsaw Puzzle

176 points

Digger dogger

Preview 9d04d752 85ba 44ff 942d 06e5382f20a4
173 points

Ski lodge with a breathtaking mountain scenery, Lech, Bludenz district, Vorarlberg, Austria

Preview bdd60369 93d5 4faa a80b 9428d85dac70
136 points
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This doesn't seem right

Preview 373556e1 21c1 439d 8176 6184a3edeba6
140 points

Hotel in Norway where the movie Ex Machina was shot

Preview 1847ed82 5a6f 4af2 9389 7bc074479369
105 points

3200 year old tree

Preview a92abfed 8dd0 4394 8085 2c217a1ca716
101 points

Room with a View

Preview bd20a5a2 3313 4dde 998d 0ef3f90e4958
90 points

Umpherston sinkhole, Australia

Preview b7ad4106 2ff9 4d49 8b55 a434cfa2fe30
81 points

How To Make Logan's (Wolverine From X-Men) Automatic Claws From 15 Popsicle Sticks


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