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This is proven to work

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7 points

Dark Path by Hanson Mao

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3 points

The image of the 1400-year-old Ginkgo tree after it leaves its leaves.

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7 points

Perfect Advertisement

Preview fa05dd73 ac6c 41fe ab8c 32def7a6cd5d
9 points

This Pringles ring

Preview 1a941c00 6ef4 4c34 aca0 7f86fda441c0
5 points

I don't think that's how you're supposed to do it.

Preview e804c562 6370 4474 94e4 b6cab5485f4f
9 points

Sweet satisfaction

Preview bcfc0f85 5c23 49a1 bfcc e67c7b1a2c3a
4 points

Meanwhile in France...

Preview c56e3f8a 1f70 43a9 9ce7 c3b42259632d

These tiles have a perfect transition

Preview bb39a703 cc49 4f89 b6b2 576da891a62b
8 points

Isn't that remarkable?

Preview cfb4122b 5536 4b2f a940 0c2d910cbfc4
7 points

Arkansas VS Weed

Preview ec86fdc6 f98c 4dab a566 41d307bc57d0
7 points

Out-of-this-world yard art spotted in central Pennsylvania

Preview 6f04759a 02ac 44ea b237 291b759de858
7 points


Preview 61ea486d ed64 4c67 b666 a6d90a913815
6 points

Plitvice National Park, Kroatien

Preview 6fee92a5 1939 4799 b210 a1072b644b59
10 points

Wallpaper #5 | Wood

Preview 204238b2 5079 4f96 93f1 fd0bb8e3db9f
1 points

Try not to cry, cry alot

Preview d0f0650d c86d 40ee ab43 a00b06c04c19
10 points

Evening after the rain in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Preview 26443856 8180 478d bf6a ec5034651362
12 points

Beautiful cabin in the woods.

Preview ab31ff55 19dd 4fbf b622 7ef5dcd2b245
4 points

Having a little fun shooting pics at the park today

Preview f64d3c34 e480 42fd 8cc9 dc7a5cbe561f
7 points

Tree of Sauron

Preview 08fcdee7 6f77 4be9 a108 872703b229e1
5 points

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