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Snek came inside, I don’t know why, but 3 little kitties just helped snek die.

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Some people don't know what to do with saved baby teeth, but that's none of my business

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68 points

AA meeting

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16 points

Christmas Day in Western Queensland. It got a little hot

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19 points

Mitosis hiding in a Hickory pile

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Pepe has been faithfully riding the roll at my parents house for over 22 years.

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24 points

This is my cat's toy. It used to be a bird before she ripped its guts out..

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Doggo friendly fence.

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14 points

Can I get a different server please

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18 points

Just found the perfect take out spot

Preview d26cda71 5a89 4311 a1a8 ab10d368bb60

Toe-Nails On Paper | Art In Repose | High Class Trimmings | People Aren’t My Type

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18 points

They’re good at what they do

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41 points

17th century assassins poison cabinet disguised as a book

Preview 8da482c9 c01d 42cc 8cf0 e9c02934732b
67 points

Me in the Winter vs me in the Summer

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23 points

Yeah, this happened.

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20 points

This brush looks a little bit like Lord Farquaad

Preview af3cdca4 ab32 4956 8cfc 772283d621ef
80 points

“My ideal tree house!”

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23 points


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21 points

Stolen kiddie pool notice

Preview ddf2f4c8 e12d 4d25 925c 0c8c926f856f
44 points

At least it's in the opposite direction from the children's playground.

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