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Marangga wavefront villa Nihiwatu, Indonesia

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5 points

This new box of pens at work.

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22 points

Wood lamp made with acrylic glass looks like it's burning

Preview 62506f38 33db 4b5e aac7 f494c3a81fe4
20 points

Storm in Germany: Who the f**k built this fence???

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13 points

I made this out of an old coffee table...

Preview 1608fb90 57bc 4d24 98e7 60b8c03ab01d
21 points

A wooden bathtub

Preview 5d635bd5 90a4 4082 b6c1 973d4a3ba44e
24 points

All the rainfall last week in Georgia caused my friend's pond to rise just enough to make an infinity dock

Preview f32f6b31 961f 4185 b64e c74115c78328
23 points

Wood-Burned Tiki Axe

Preview a3e97702 ac0f 448f 9f98 817101f8be71
13 points


Preview 7d2f1531 d0c4 4d2a a961 9776c2c8895d
11 points

How a log is cut into lumber

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12 points

How a log is cut into lumber

Preview 09535070 b760 404a b9fc ebaef07288f6
15 points

Artists avocado

Preview 644c2286 bff5 4b26 8dc9 225ab043454f
11 points

That explains the wasp problem

Preview b18bafca 6786 4f6e b86a b6169c15e58f
135 points

Rainbow carrots.

Preview 21d1e458 d01e 4881 8921 a1660e158090
20 points

How a log is cut into lumber

Preview 92a7550a dcb2 40a0 b447 c224fd9cc3fd
15 points

Somebody fell asleep in the rain...

Preview ab74e473 75e0 46fb 9587 9f6cc5578f39
16 points

Why can't I, plato?

Preview 9c8cebb7 552c 4ed6 a376 644de5e3cd57
14 points

tree type living room

Preview db273807 28c9 4f7d aa76 13f5287b1f61
22 points

An Inception coffee table.

Preview be148fe2 d476 4ce6 9ae5 eadadc65cdd2
14 points

That door handle tho.

Preview 7104fbc6 c0ba 4030 90b8 d95b1e3ce8f3
16 points

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