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How a log is cut into lumber

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13 points

Artists avocado

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8 points

That explains the wasp problem

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124 points

Rainbow carrots.

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15 points

How a log is cut into lumber

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13 points

Somebody fell asleep in the rain...

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10 points

Why can't I, plato?

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11 points

tree type living room

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18 points

An Inception coffee table.

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11 points

That door handle tho.

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12 points

I make magic baseball bat for my friend

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7 points

One man's dream...!!

Preview 36f7b1d8 8349 4fe6 ba61 b974b6bf7bfe
1 points

Not sure if real life or?

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109 points

You wouldn't believe it but this table was wooden before discount

Preview f238ac7c 0527 4160 813e c51a7e760b19
16 points

Neighbor has a small hornets nest...

Preview 347bac3d c7f4 4b84 bc8d 58fec06fb0fa
10 points

My hometown in Albania.

Preview d3dcd36d 8c24 4f69 b293 7ef95c8df3e2
4 points

Today's generation doesn't know about the original fidget spinner!

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15 points

Continuous handrail carving

Preview 9653b058 1b52 44f5 9ebf d4bc46d0838d
10 points

Continuous handrail carving

Preview 89cd667d 7a78 4759 bfac c674ded5e64c
10 points

Thai Fertility Axe

Preview 47344035 f224 49e7 97d3 e63f55c27156
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