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Today's generation doesn't know about the original fidget spinner!

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10 points

Continuous handrail carving

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8 points

Continuous handrail carving

Preview 89cd667d 7a78 4759 bfac c674ded5e64c
8 points

Thai Fertility Axe

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12 points

Floorboard rises to support a table.

Preview 2f2dd968 4b95 473c b5dc e7ef3ce48e54
6 points

archstudio's wood platform with lifting table hidden inside could be used as tearoom or bedroom, Beijing, China

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5 points

This guy

Preview fe452ac8 9e27 40af b3fe e245728b391e
121 points

Owsome Look Doorway in Norway

Preview c8bf1bc4 f7e4 42e8 9b79 7558d0850860
148 points

What would you do, if you found this in your house ?

Preview b397904e 6be9 4237 b772 d00fb98ef6d6
215 points

What A Condom Full Of Spaghetti Looks Like

Preview e1b8e87b 056d 499d 8edf 53349528e9d7
126 points

When your Dutch grandma is a gangster.

Preview edbbd746 78ad 4e94 81b0 9a74af80fd2e
124 points

Keep warm in this small, but cozy living space, located in rural Norway

Preview 2a6cdea7 c0de 4c66 8f2b ef7b862febdb
107 points

Low quality avocado

Preview e44c6e08 1214 4680 b0d8 e6ee28e49b19
95 points

Do u like my new sneakers?

Preview e71b0817 fcc1 4c36 b2ba 13f329359df6
89 points

Saltbae painted with salt...*mindblown*

Preview 954f56b9 c5ab 4dd9 827b 6b0b9db9899b
90 points


Preview b98baadd 3fe2 412b 916d 836254f5ad0b
72 points

What would his mixtape be called?

Preview 66e99254 091d 492e b532 f6a7fe2ff6af
65 points

Rate my stereo !

Preview b351906f 10da 43ce b946 9e0ad7c59f88
113 points

These signs shouldn't have to exist

Preview a722a4d6 5b55 4e30 b343 57b8f00a4aa7
143 points

Stolen kiddie pool notice

Preview a8bd211e 2e27 40c4 9d95 56f1ad2e6af5
131 points

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