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Fuck this tree in particular

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The best proof of the flat earth so far

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125 points

The new fashion for Scottish stags

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93 points

They’re in there... somewhere.

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133 points

Living room with view, Capri, Italy.

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53 points

A cottonmouth they found in a lake near me

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I saw a shirtless man cutting another guy's hair in the park today.

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126 points

Hurricane Maria drove this board right through a palm tree by the beach in Puerto Rico

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114 points

Snapped this one during a skateboard ride down to the beach

Preview e22af6a5 2978 4aa5 9dbf cf6793ab31b2
112 points

Walked into the toilets to take a piss and what do I find?

Preview 6fcd3400 f9c9 458b a079 4f188181b400
85 points

The Blue Unibird

Preview 0f935f24 bd86 44fa adf6 30de0ea625bd
106 points

This freaking squirrel stole my friend’s bagel...

Preview 1041685e 5ad0 4bbd ad1d a85906049992

Took photographer 62 days w/16 cams to capture

Preview 86b0b6df c84a 4dfe b371 d188d7b3b47a
105 points

The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines on June 15, 1991

Preview 0fb18299 0e88 4907 9b5c e64e145163a5

This dude is standing on a ladder, on his roof, to hand saw a tree limb.

Preview 0c6491bd fe4f 418e 81a5 9840f5bdd9ae
121 points

All the other spots were taken, so that last seagull had to get creative.

Preview 9125f7df 1f8c 43c2 a5a1 e94fc0b5dcf7

What about brown ones ?

Preview 90915aba 96de 4b69 8e9f c9d4651b7a2b
98 points

Just Missed Seeing A Vampire This Morning

Preview 5139f841 2ee7 49dd 9b3e 11a6c4441624
79 points

Husband took the picture just as the butterfly took off towards him. Result, GIANT butterfly!

Preview a57edf3e 6f73 4b05 ae71 18fca6f874d5

The Shoe Tree

Preview 027ee7f7 4923 4543 8919 12064101203a
64 points

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