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They're actually referring to a bag of amphetamines, but this is still hilarious

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82 points

The greatest name in any credits for a movie.

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81 points

A casual yet unthinkable option

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67 points

TV Channels

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79 points


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94 points

I don't give...

Preview 16d49d57 92ad 4e2f 9c5c 5f948343cb60
102 points

Very easy to learn

Preview 8fb8d1ac bdf4 4908 9e9c adfd16382a5c

Weight loss plans.. and happy hats!

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69 points


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91 points

A sign in the men’s washroom at a strip club for lady dancers.

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98 points

Well, they're not wrong...

Preview fe3952c7 8d75 4e20 b485 3df6d2eded0f
105 points

Any damage to my health?

Preview 3f4142aa 9ca6 4282 b39b f63f655b4dbb
54 points

Pranking People with Song Lyrics PART 9 🎶


Good question!

Preview 505d0088 6f97 4286 81da be3e4294b962
109 points

Gift for Christmas

Preview 7e6ab28b de1a 4905 8bac 4e603ce03a75
100 points

Who else loves Mexico?

Preview f2f942dd be5e 4eec 90b7 ab71ebc76b3c
99 points

Hide from the police.

Preview 8725fe3e 54ea 41fe 9d8c 02741e8c27d2
112 points

Words to live by

Preview 41f17cf8 4ee5 4c56 a2da d5376aaf3a4d
110 points

I think the oil change place is hinting that I should clean the junk out of my car

Preview 537c80df e866 473a bfbc 8c2ad2378669
113 points


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