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A classic.

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21 points

Huh? Who's there?

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70 points

Chandler Bing

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66 points

Damn! Almost had it this time..

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24 points

I'm an asshole to myself

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62 points

Belarus telecommunication technology (not mine)

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He seems like a pretty good dad.

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24 points

Noooo please don't

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19 points

Police nowdays

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58 points

Oh george

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19 points

Protester's flags and some politicians

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Someone on my flight to detroit just found this piece of metal on the ground in our plane, pilot has no clue. I am at red alert...

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70 points

User Interface Dev team at Hulu

Preview 3f77154d b202 4a1d 86c6 a3fd086b3c8c
66 points

So Idris, could you please describe your background to us?

Preview e3e7994a dd3a 418c bd28 531ff06375e0
15 points

NOT!FX - The Ultimate Tool For Your Obligations


Applies to me .

Preview 4bd60484 9a8d 4d4b 87c2 ba6e2a73bc43
99 points

Walk the talk

Preview a8ffd1ea 52f5 4224 96e2 eb63ef244bc6
21 points

When you see reviews for the new Mummy.

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Natasha Romanoff

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4 points

Sure wish the handholds were slightly more secure for those carabiners.


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