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No one's home... a perfect time to...

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24 points

This seller knows human nature.

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Satan's Sacraficial Waterfall...

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24 points

Ask and ye shall receive

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Lil marco

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My 25 year old engineer mate... was not expecting this. Suppose you gotta keep kids in line somehow.

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Pumped up kicks

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24 points

Amazing Customer Service from Cheggs

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Brexit everybody!

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This guy is dedicated

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77 points

When you need that quick energy boost

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The all time top post in this sub is a repost of the all time number two post.

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This is why I use AD blockers.

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15 points

I knew it !

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21 points

I laughed so much

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Game of Thrones S7E4, Summed Up In Text Messages

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Amazon Prime is becoming The Borg. Resistance is futile.

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Help me,son

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