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Want serious answers people

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124 points


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67 points

Just a small change of plans

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105 points

About as petty as it gets

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143 points

Oh the timing

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105 points

Well Google Assistant and Siri have something going on I guess!!

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126 points

Anatomy of Songs

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150 points

Shots fired.

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136 points

I was talking to the Google Assistant on my phone and found a pretty funny response.

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128 points

I did dis

Preview 02880cfa 1aa4 4149 8faf 39cd7db7e969
148 points

15 women who shot down horny guys via text

Preview a8ac16ef 2b52 4e0a 9dd1 d258a01340bd
166 points

I am rich

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140 points


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106 points

He only need one, what a c**t

Preview 9b5121c5 ea43 44c1 b2d1 81b32f3cf550
154 points

This guy tho

Preview 312467a7 8c26 464d a461 eb7943fc5eee
148 points

Can you imagine?

Preview 9c8268cd 0dfe 4141 96ee 1598e9c2611c
130 points

EA customer service

Preview 90e28e06 5889 4c32 9d81 842eb2e8e6ea
135 points

I Did This And My Mother Called Me Crying And Then Gave Me A Twenty Minute Lecture. Not Worth.

Preview ed0fa536 beed 4954 beef f9cdc947f16c
142 points

From an official government account.

Preview 94577834 1adc 497b ba74 74379f21aec1
120 points

20+ Awesome Illustrations That Show There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World

Preview 8c02bc64 b8d8 4bdd add4 e24ba4e3a8cf
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