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That's going to save you a lot more than $600

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79 points

He beat me till I lost my soul

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88 points

This is why I love this game.

Preview 2d6a98a3 4547 447e bfa3 662fed61aa20
101 points

Just say 'Yes' to saying 'No' to saying 'Yes' to drugs

Preview cb7c4286 406b 4164 9676 98d2041c4e3b
88 points

My wife’s card to me. This is what love looks like.

Preview 4d5ef20a dd0d 41ad 9c17 a177786033b1
49 points

Found this at a garage sale

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61 points


Preview c9edf860 6e25 4234 9197 3a2e41881b76
71 points

Donny Kerabatsos Action Figure

Preview 214c7634 2463 400a b38f 19d085952d3f
70 points

When cards against humanity get a bit too real.

Preview 0433c007 85e2 4d3d 89fe f5f22b0f5bb4
100 points

Old proverb

Preview 762f1f5c ae77 47e8 bc15 9e103509e278
95 points


Preview 0e6f315f 7528 4bd9 933e e00f349ec9bd
90 points

That moment.

Preview db3285c4 b6b1 4f93 91d5 2108c74e39cb
75 points

More actresses stepping forward accusing Michael Cera of giving them blue balls.

Preview 2fecbd50 e88d 4b35 85ec d849f6ad8533
94 points

Good for you ski-mask guy

Preview ec9f2745 756e 455d 8624 cc76ccf5db08
89 points

Happy New Year Lt. Dan!

Preview e5301380 f07a 4b5c af3f c71dfb5153b3
83 points

This "serious at first glance" sign.

Preview a9c9e68f 823b 4b7f a400 00f1e79d42f2
82 points

Still better then sit behind tablet etc

Preview 6b89305d af50 4a84 8496 681e6550f634
95 points

Saw this in my grandmother’s building. Got a good laugh :P

Preview 757ab376 acef 425a aa51 d16dd5e848b6
80 points

So that's what happened.

Preview b65ec1d8 8821 4d90 bcf3 544331048891
90 points

Fork it!

Preview 2dd4a425 85e9 45a9 b3ef 26b484ae9960
71 points

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