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Sauna raft Joensuu Finland.

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107 points

Ah, the Jehovah Witness final exam.

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95 points

Sunset, stormy sea and a lightning bolt.

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158 points

Airplane wreck

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101 points

I see your road is lava and your Baltimore is lava, and raise you the ocean is lava

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74 points

Broken down bus near Pinhook Gap, NC, USA

Preview f4f932ac 7d44 4833 b6d4 6efee4cf2d3e
89 points

Hurricane Irma precautions Puerto Rico edition

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117 points

Das is a sleeper

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131 points

The way the water mark lines with the horizon line

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127 points

I see your totaled Eclipse and raise you my totaled Eclipse

Preview 31f87f6e f541 4f18 84cd 31048cd7e664
62 points

The perfect park doesn't exi--!

Preview 66965771 c650 484c bc54 e1ad96db1c12
54 points

In Mother Russia...

Preview e9c07309 a53c 4235 a024 6b118562a29e
102 points

Carnival Cruise ship nearly runs over jet skiers


Old video, but sphincter-tightening none the less


It can only handle so much, until...

Preview 9b2b3db7 2170 4580 aae4 27359d602e9d
108 points

Waiting for Roadside Assistance

Preview 61e15a80 632f 4229 99ee 393d223e782f
105 points



Never invade Russia in winter

Preview 907d36f7 61c6 41ff 9d34 0786354e9825
200 points

Smart vs. Squirrel

Preview 4b29ccb8 2b0c 4cf2 9fb0 ca9ee2a02ef4
249 points

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