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NBA rookie Markelle Fultz's father's day post.

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Signed Bible in my hotel room from the one and only..

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I found a “Metal” mix tape I made in 1986

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11 points

Draw a line to the correct answer.

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9 points

Murica Mario

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Found some old papers while cleaning out my grandparent's attic

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Dammit Jamal everytime!

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An Analysis On How "Breaking Bad" Crafted The Perfect TV Pilot


I'm so sad.

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119 points
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The little toe

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176 points

Quote of the day

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95 points

Oh ...

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283 points

Oughta love bacon

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88 points

Saw this at my local shawarma shop. I've never noticed that before.

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220 points

Survival lesson

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164 points

Aaron better bocome an YouTube Star ... very fast bro!

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162 points

What a lovely person..

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142 points

Our teacher f**ked up, answer key on the back of the test.

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246 points

If I could be like Mike

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