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Four Unique Advantages of Breast Milk

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90 points

Have you ever killed someone and enjoyed it?

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23 points

Autism overload

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19 points

my friend after going on a break from marijuana

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My husband's drunk letter to himself

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21 points

That's a huge miss

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19 points

A cautionary tale to all kids excited for their first day of school

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Take that, mom!

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This sign at my local bar

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22 points

Think about what you're doing when you park like a moron.

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1 points

Murphys Law

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2 points

My inventions

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117 points

Hobos have a code cabbage

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10 points

I found this on my school desk this morning

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Give Reddit what it wants

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12 points

Cancer took my grandfather

Preview 57cb00c0 5d9a 43ee b429 ceb1304d7bb4

A hero walks among us

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1 points

Sam Brownback, pioneer of economic growth via massive tax cuts, cannot count to 18

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22 points

Being Married

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19 points

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