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Beautiful Radio

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126 points

Movies to show your kids

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147 points

Don't tell me what to do...

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83 points

This kid.... Read the second paragraph, and then check out his grade.

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Marking papers

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120 points

Be honest

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85 points

My dick is made of hard wood

Preview d34a9388 6372 4136 be06 956f88199524
132 points

The struggle is real

Preview 731d51f5 a7fb 4300 833c 62ea72108085
91 points

The Good Place

Preview 9ce133db e1dd 4be1 981a 37834cb5efb1
120 points

Wonder what he'll be famous for...

Preview eb5c60b9 d434 41b2 8230 5e243954d00d
81 points

Tinder date triangle

Preview 048ad737 d025 440a b26d c4a749d77593
133 points

Thanks Grampa...

Preview 2ed6d847 3aea 4640 8072 0c56468551a7
123 points

When I grow up I wanna be...

Preview 6020d957 3bbd 4a16 8a61 fde2d7d5c0ce
82 points

Sometimes when you take a chance...

Preview c8f4e4ee cafd 43fb 8ba2 13be693080c0
47 points

My son’s first grade HW. He had to correct this sentence.

Preview 60485728 eaa5 46ff b4f0 b05467bc85b1
107 points

A letter by Eminem to Afeni Shakur (Tupacs mom)

Preview b540d23a e618 44f4 a793 d346d5e4cc7e
86 points

Kid's got no chill.

Preview 90c3f92f ed38 441f ae3a fd489536ae26
90 points

Found my old diary from second grade. Apparently my childhood was a bit more interesting than I recall.

Preview 742b7951 9aca 4d9c 95e5 a98ac6820fcb
106 points

Teddy Roosevelt's diary entry from the day his wife died

Preview ebd6c574 119d 4e1d 92dc f41aad421ef3
86 points

Now that's a forward thinking kid

Preview f6eaf9ef 22f5 4161 b644 9db5d78564e1
70 points

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