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Meanwhile in Booneville, Mississippi...

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15 points

The truth has been spoken

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BUTTERFLY (Geometrical Beast 04/55 by Kerby Rosanes)

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15 points

This "Welcome" Mat

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12 points

Are you hyped about The Disaster Artist ?

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I plan on filling this page with detailed spongebob drawings. join me on this wondrous journey won't you

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15 points

I can't even draw a stick-figure...

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13 points

It's bullshit!

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Recycled Pen Casts Shadow of What It's Made Of

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My bartender added 1 cent to my bill in order to make the total $69.69

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93 points

I feel bad for him now

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You Matter (From meme stash)

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NBA rookie Markelle Fultz's father's day post.

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Signed Bible in my hotel room from the one and only..

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116 points

I found a “Metal” mix tape I made in 1986

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11 points

Draw a line to the correct answer.

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An honest car listing

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You've gotta love toilet poetry

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A beautiful story of a couple and their baby.

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