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How Unicorns are made

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85 points

This is the Gibber Italicus, a breed of canary.

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102 points

The marketing folks at ALDI are gods.

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95 points

My Mom sent this to me for Easter. I love my Mom.

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74 points

Baked beans lava lamp.

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70 points

My sons friend isn’t a big fan of sports evidently

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96 points

Beauty about to be destroyed

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Husband took the picture just as the butterfly took off towards him. Result, GIANT butterfly!

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The way the sunlight hits these leaves and makes them look like they're on fire...

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102 points

He was more patient with him than I would have been


Healthy budgie vs budgie with feather duster syndrome

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107 points


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90 points

I call it Hahn Solo

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102 points

This chicken hates you

Preview 984c2127 25ce 4f91 bfc4 340b7579f07f

The dragon pumpkin :)

Preview 401d3960 86ba 43b3 9a23 99e3c7a26974
79 points

Bird made from old CDs

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76 points

My brain hurts (+_+)

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90 points

Well done Mom.. you just saved 7$..

Preview 99b74e95 4e75 4f96 a075 4e1756dd6263
102 points

The Yellow Brick Road in North Carolina's abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park

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104 points

This Metal Version Of Coldplay's "Yellow" Is Absolutely GOLD

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