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My new cat...yes he is a derp

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14 points

Good for you

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17 points

Purrfection 🐈

Preview 6a0eca7b 157d 4e70 9d85 374bdd373f11
15 points

Clever boy

Preview cc9d5d2b ca6e 4681 8155 50215c5ee116
70 points

I know the feel bro...

Preview 35bd60bb def3 4389 a890 186ac8023ec0
13 points

I was good boi once

Preview 5244ea16 10c4 4714 8180 1e45ebc4d43e
12 points

Hmmm, not sure.

Preview 831ad682 ae6c 43af 884c 587c280f087a
11 points

Happiest creature

Preview ecc04991 d585 4e3e 9827 0385fedb8f0b
11 points

How did we get so lucky to have these animals as pets?

Preview 4e9345db 6154 4054 8c36 7bf6c4309229
7 points

Korean Artist Depicts The Sensual Side Of Love In Gorgeous Illustrations

Preview 948101a5 5c71 4d23 81ca ebd093397be9
95 points

I hope everyone finds a companion that looks at them like mine looks at me...

Preview ee56f591 0db8 4728 a256 3fcac5c34824
16 points

Cat suffers for horrible case of Chickenpox ..

Preview dc2649fd 42f5 4c22 a7ad 0a5d4c6ce49b
13 points

Sun-Maid Raisin Girl Cosplay

Preview 2d52cf7f 383f 4e61 9640 315f9ab73129
13 points

Meet max

Preview 251d1293 41be 49ce 98c5 88ae3ce8f8ca
11 points

The goodest boy

Preview 123dbfa5 c9b5 454f ba78 c45ab0526a2f
79 points

Your daily visit by doggo!

Preview 76fb0ffe 7377 4f00 a20a 6ef1afddce48
15 points


Preview a35c9cdf 8e57 45b6 a218 786eebba6189
72 points

Such a cutie.

Preview 693fdee8 424e 46aa 9042 6c943929ccdb

We must let people know that we are now in a relationship

Preview d1976d86 8cd5 4d3c 96a5 c4f708d79383
12 points

When u r just Fluffy, not Fat

Preview f91943f9 d78b 4127 b23c 583369d451b0
13 points

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