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Look at what a 1.5 week of loving and medication can do

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16 points

Nice one brother, nice one

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24 points

FFS Monika

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16 points

The full story

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19 points

Im tired of you taking pictures human.

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11 points

When you like the pets but there's a scary noise

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15 points

You're my bestest fwend mr wuffers

Preview 32905449 ecde 40e3 a338 ea41c3914131
18 points

“I swear it’s not how it looks!”

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Preview 1f15f131 85db 4e29 b063 620e363a98b4
53 points

Reenacting the Lion King

Preview 274abdaf 7dc6 4a31 aa29 f792b8248e6f

What are you doing!? Help meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Preview ba57ab43 6a15 4cde a083 f8703f062129
20 points

Hector the therapy cat. Brought to our uni this week. His eyes alone are therapeutic.

Preview 5d7f5435 d7bb 4e5b 9a8c 52606af24c06
18 points

420 brooo 🤙

Preview 1b44ca2f 2e21 4854 8559 21243f502d96
18 points

Small boi thinks my boxers are toys

Preview 4bf8c85c 3742 4679 81ad 20e3e195d484

My kittens have been trying to be nursed during the past few months. The only problem is that the bigger cat is their brother

Preview aa1b391e cbc6 4123 af12 67dbe68e15ca
22 points

Found the real reason why he isn't loyal

Preview 92c34d5e 164a 4386 bb26 ae5e75790fca
22 points


Preview a2d8e9b4 de53 46f1 a54b e9b8e168f648
14 points

Brushy brushy

Preview bf1c92eb 3da3 4672 8750 6d5ae2dd7cbf
23 points

My dog licks my dog licks my dog

Preview 12a28255 54be 4a7d 84b2 59a0f56d6154

When she tells you all the kinky stuff she'll do to you

Preview de079678 3720 4a10 a91a 595c4526e2a7
21 points

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