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he showed up with this present...

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what happened?

Preview 879633b1 5a83 4730 b20f 0957927523c1
95 points

If you don't have one, it's you.

Preview 102d60cb 334b 4ba5 a496 4ed9096ee80d
119 points

Pure, unadulterated startle. He was spooked by the camera!

Preview 2f01d088 e165 49ac 8c2a c1a207891bc1
92 points

Watching a little bird outside

Preview 5527441e 9b03 49ce 9661 d08813f80ebd
78 points

Die bix

Preview 14e388ef 6ade 47f4 8d9d 9c571d719b31

This magnificent cat

Preview 5af6ae48 fa02 4a5e 88f1 2d874540cca3
48 points

You are in the wrong neighborhood buddy

Preview 5baf2284 3225 472d bf2c 80e8b84e5958


Preview 31ee6444 2b30 4ecd 8bb0 a2aa09fc63fb
48 points

Princess with her beans up & ready to attack!

Preview 0bc8fab1 7bd2 48e1 a358 383aa43ee1f4
85 points

I baked a strawberry cake last night, someone helped themselves to the frosting..

Preview 4e6780ca c58d 4b0f b5b2 45c806234758

Come here we have business.

Preview d1e53f87 85de 4b67 865d 0f4c3e6d6198

Minions of Darkness

Preview 053dea23 c0b8 4f24 85ef 65a4617d45a0
124 points

Devil looking kitty

Preview 2ccfbfcf 07d7 4d96 8bc7 b340b74b162f

That’s a nice tree.....

Preview 3cbb3856 0015 42c9 9d86 85749aaa7313
129 points

'Nam flashback

Preview 8dc0429e b368 46dd 8cf3 2192fa43c644
113 points

First, a saucer of milk. Then I invade Czechoslovakia.

Preview 122586bb 4da7 41b8 b1d6 bd1bafe924f3
100 points

The feel…

Preview bf9155d0 abe1 41ff a214 cf74f1d2234f
137 points

My daughter sneezed.

Preview b5d738ba 3389 4ea1 bc63 3fae66c8c823
78 points

My dog looks like she’s a floating head

Preview 3fd88228 84f3 417d b400 0266ef464c14
127 points

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