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38 points

Dad started typing really fast on the computer and Moose couldn’t handle it.

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87 points

This woman with the head of an Alpaca

Preview ebb79137 c81f 427d 93f7 fa4fe98caab2

Princess with her beans up & ready to attack!

Preview 0bc8fab1 7bd2 48e1 a358 383aa43ee1f4
69 points

I really need an explanation 🤔

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71 points

That’s a bold move little girl!

Preview 916f4534 8623 42bc ae06 7440c036c51e

"You asked I delivered, here's one of my rat pencil cases... in use"

Preview e7c8cde8 6fc9 4326 9e8b 94e6df9bb1f6
82 points

I baked a strawberry cake last night, someone helped themselves to the frosting..

Preview 4e6780ca c58d 4b0f b5b2 45c806234758

Come here we have business.

Preview d1e53f87 85de 4b67 865d 0f4c3e6d6198

Finishing move

Preview cd53908a a431 478c 9187 fc3ce6656ba7

Ahahahahaha :"D

Preview fd2f8e7f a079 4d18 99dd cda65c2baabf
56 points

This happened in one minute.

Preview 70183428 77d0 4b4c 949f 30d0a75ccc3d

Innocent and cute..

Preview e8dd2456 f623 4b16 8243 e03644a6532c
64 points

This is a hostage situation!

Preview a6092266 060d 4467 a526 8e37e114a7dd
14 points

Have a nice day!

Preview b106477d 7640 4e24 8b3e 2dca8c6cd7a5
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Like I give a f**k!

Preview 5986caa1 2657 4723 9b69 769f4bfde566
10 points

This is why cats are better than dogs...

Preview 7ec053c1 db0d 4f4c b440 bad657f5e24f
174 points
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119 points

This cat does not fear death.

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