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True indeed!!

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So nice

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*Feels emotions..keeps on scrolling

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This monkey doesn't care.


It is so beautiful!!!

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SO Cute! Meet Memphis Zoo's Newborn Baby Sloth!

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Big cats being cats

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When yo about to get eaten by a cheetah, but it's cool cuz yo deleted yo browser history recently.

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Stephan the bear hugging Svetlana Panteleenko who adopted him when he was only three months old

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World needs more hugs!

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One word for this unique friendship, please?

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Totally Awesome Jobs You Probably Never Thought Existing In The First Place

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I can't be the only one that thinks like this right ?

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Apparently, any cat loves a good belly rub

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Nicolas Cage

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When you hurt your nuts when looking for nuts

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222 points

There's always one in the group

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Parker I want that picture of Spiderman on my desk by noon!

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Don't touch me man!!

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When in Rome..

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