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Look at these dumb floofs playing with their tails

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The face of no regrets

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19 points

God dammit, not again :|

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Could this drowzee reach hot?

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13 points

Good sri lanka

Preview 142aac8c 91a2 430d b8db 9d977f4fb549

Zooms on my startled cat face make about 90% of my sense of humour

Preview a2f22bc7 92af 4f64 a05b eefb125c8d93
15 points

Much wow

Preview 006d0c8a 3ec2 4315 a3f5 851fa85907a7

The Philippine Eagle

Preview 87efc258 1097 43fa b465 14662378b356
4 points

Cause this is thriller, thriller night!

Preview a46637b3 63c1 45f7 a45b 0a33fa94b138
21 points

Everyone needs a cute otter per day

Preview 7cd463ba b5e3 43d6 88a7 0e42277224b9
16 points

Mean Slow


Just a loving mom.

Preview c6b030b7 9735 4a68 8276 58bee085aa77
15 points

Found this little guy.

Preview 406bad4f 1f53 423a a088 3db77f7f5aab
8 points

Here is a smiling alpaca for anyone that's having a bad day.

Preview fe328a13 5704 42b1 a27d c8c6c0ba4ca8

Can I get upvotes for my first selfie?

Preview a05aaa91 52bc 447b b57d 5ec7fb59039a
46 points

Shaved bears look like werewolves

Preview 7b401bd2 3306 4f6a 955a 022011e72cba
11 points

This is how giraffes sleep. You're welcome.

Preview 0b0e834e 6a3b 4289 beed 110619d97d48

Sarcoramphus papa

Preview 404d116f fd92 4ee2 bdd7 f1efaf98205a
7 points

Make forest great again

Preview be6f960f e7b5 4c23 a8d0 1c6079ffbbbe
70 points

Got some tail

Preview f68d02ee 1a8f 4825 a342 01caea900c9d
10 points

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