Donald Trump

Hello Mr. President, here we go some funny posts about you...

Trump football catch FAIL!

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650 points

Trump's first day in office...

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615 points

Punch the Trump

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Black people in Trump's America be like-

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504 points

What Mexico and Costa Rica gives about Trump

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492 points

Building Trump's wall going to be like....

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477 points

Trump for president 2015!

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452 points

My face when I heard that Trump is winning

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407 points

When I heard Trump was elected

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401 points

Inauguration - Obama crowd vs Trump crowd

398 points

Melania Trump

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388 points

"300: Making America Great Again" - A Donald Trump Parody


People when Trump announced he was running for president vs when he actually won the election.

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362 points

Trailer For District 9 Director's "Volume 1" Delivers Some Weird Sh*t As Promised


Trump's family in one gif

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348 points

Just a Donald Trump reading internet posts about himself.

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331 points

Glad trump won

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278 points

Trump sitting in the oval office...

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275 points

Fu** that Trump thing we're gone!

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Darth trump

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271 points

Ellen DeGeneres Uses "Finding Dory" To Criticize Donald Trump's Travel Ban


Trump vs CNN

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240 points

Trump Greets the Public

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234 points

Trumps first act as Empero- President of the USA.

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221 points

I wonder where did he get it from....

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221 points

Trump is good for the poor

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218 points

Trump vs Aliens

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204 points

Prank your friends with this trump bait video. ENjoy Happy Halloween!

203 points

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the President of The United States of America.

191 points

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Americans About Donald Trump's First Day Before It Actually Happened


The Oscars 2017 Nominated Movies Get Their Deserved Honest Trailers


"You can't just ban 7 countries"

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176 points

Trump has become the first president to have his own nuclear button custom made

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175 points

Donald Trump's first day in the office

172 points

Johnny Depp Rips Off Donald Trump Makeup Is Definitely A Scene Straight Out From A Horror Movie!


Trump meets Kanye

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162 points

Trump irl

159 points

Cop shows one of the worst scenes he's ever seen

152 points

How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is?


Trump rolling into town

145 points

Get rid of the cat!

134 points

President Trump's offer for the American people

130 points

Gal Gadot, Emma Watson, Jim Parsons And More Celebrities Read Extremely Mean Tweets


Cooking with Bill - Old 80s Ad for the Damasu 950

122 points

Mike Pence wishes someone special a very Happy Birthday

115 points

DaddyOFive Loses Kids over "Pranks"

83 points

I told my mom I was having a baby and she hit me, cussed me out, so much more!

82 points

Pepe's become kind of a symbol of...


Cooking with Bill: Sushi


The world on a piano


This Raccoon is a jerk


Dog abuse caught on video


Was looking at CNN's gigapixel image of trump's inauguration when I saw someone familiar...


Poor Use of Boom Mic :)

21 points

An old timer teaches a lesson to a young buck.


Sad Story


eating sh#t prank ........ epic .... enjoy.

19 points

Climbing the Trump Building Spire Above NYC


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