Top 20 Slav Fails

Now let me guess the country of our Slav heroes ...

I present to you... SLAV QUEEN

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551 points

When you need to attend a dinner but Slav is life

Preview bc0ad5b1 a06a 4ee7 a5a7 4f3abb7bfdca
430 points

Meanwhile in Russia.5x Drift Lada

Preview ccb48da5 d565 41b0 ae58 60ad7602af29
297 points

Slav: The reason why Adidas shoes have diagonal stripes while pants have straight ones

Preview 207994af fffb 4ac8 a851 069928e94182
248 points

I present you Blyatman the brother of Slav!

Preview 15d3b7ad 25ff 4778 b58b abc0b2889f30
220 points

The Slav is strong with this one

Preview 62c1cfae b95a 4276 93bb caf07775e631
210 points

Guess the country

Preview 77158b92 c495 4d9d 9f0d 32d988ea4d5b
207 points

Meet Santaslav the russian christmas ninja!

Preview d37dbc32 9ec7 4f03 8196 cde2ae0599d6
183 points

When you are a clone but Slav is life.

Preview 18a5f08d a136 4436 a4c4 e3168676ecaf
179 points


Preview 39193374 3cd7 4b9a b15e c8e0b48b1e2e
177 points

Young polish students leaving class ... Slav goes first ...

161 points

A real Slav at young age

158 points

Last digit of your upvote number will determine your slav companion

Preview 9833ca95 f4aa 4101 bbaf 177c114f33fc
147 points


Preview d2bb52d0 0bf2 4dee 8274 4e9a126bffb9
142 points

You gotta slav them when their young

Preview 5c5a6c61 1b51 4bc1 ab4d 12173f743c10

The Dark Slav Rises

Preview f230df65 8ef5 4fa5 8bda 0a90ca3b07b1
130 points

True Slavs Edition

Preview 219faf40 272b 455d 9032 703f7796b8d3
130 points

This Slav seesquat

Preview 7a0d5b96 442d 42e0 9ba8 1ecd78fa8390

Slavic Interstellar

119 points

Security level: Slav is watching

Preview b343e474 54c9 428e 8e52 6580c7b2c427
118 points

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