Top 25 FAILS


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1,039 points

Trump football catch FAIL!

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650 points


600 points

Sports fail

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catch fail.

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491 points

fall dad fail

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472 points

Such a fail celebration

Chicken out fail

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426 points

Beach fail.

Preview 5cffe0aa 2d66 4935 9b0c 027145df8b3a
408 points

When I fail important project feels like

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379 points


379 points

WATCH THIS If You're Having A Tough Day, These Cute Penguins Will Cheer You Up!

332 points

Throw fail

U jumpin' U failin'

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310 points

Kitchen Fail!

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310 points

Cocaine Fail

Preview fe8cc831 6448 420f a559 d5d8b34b2a5c
292 points

Gonna jump? Gonna Fail!

Preview ee89c86f 2329 4fab 8019 f517c5a8289d
282 points

Desert Fail!

Preview c56de031 7aa2 405f bdf0 bac0d62ae050
272 points

Gymnastic fail

Preview 69773c12 b9e4 4f27 b7f6 033fdd78e7bb
251 points

Prank vs Bear FAIL!

Preview c61787d9 9df1 441a 97a5 531cd3177aae
228 points

Horsing Around, FAIL

Preview b83bcedb b21c 4d1b 9cde a36201b68537
228 points

She stands. She fails!

Preview 3a7e6817 d585 48fa a46d 74ca2e8cb8fa
220 points

A perfectly wrong dip. #fail

Preview 2823b945 13fb 444f aefa 0650482712b1
215 points

Escalator sometimes can be awesome source of fail

Preview d97cefbf de0b 4054 b96e de1e1d7f3e18
209 points


204 points

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